Gelatinous cube

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The Gelatinous cube is a large invertibrate native to North America and Mordor. A friendly and affectionate creature by nature, the cube has un undeservadly bad reputation. This is due to the urban legend that baby cubes flushed down toilets grow up into giant cubes in the sewer systems of large cities and the Dungeons of Despair. No evidence exists to support this belief, but some claim to have seen cubes as large as 10'x 10' x 10'.


Gelatinous cubes can be see frollicing in meadows and by streams. Consisting entirely of poisonous goo, they have few natural enemies and so have little need for camoflage of concealment.

Life Cycle

For many years, it was thought that cubes reproduced by a form or meitosis. However, recent studies have shown that baby cubes are delivered by the stork, as with most other creatures. Cubes can live up to twenty years in the wild. The oldest known cube in captivity lived to the age of thirty seven, before being hacked to pieces by an eigth level ranger.

Treasure Type

C, E (no scrolls), and L if found in lair.