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  • ...’s relatives, also witches, such as the senile and batty Ain’t Clarity and Uncle Awful, also dropped in unannounced to create havoc and “comedy.” * Uncle Awful - Paula Lynn
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  • |leader_name1 = [[Uncle Maurice]]| |national_heros = [[Uncle Maurice]], [[Midgets]], and [[Beer]].|
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  • ...n" woke up and scurried around, singing in high-pitched voices provided by Maurice Gibb of Bee Gee fame. Aretha Franklin and Luciano Pavarotti provided the v | Uncle Feedle
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  • ...of a [[woman]] holding a torch was found. A [[French]] expedition led by Maurice Chevalier (the twelfth Marquis de Lafayette) would later attempt to steal t
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  • ;'''97. Maurice Minnifield''' up like #69 and lick your [[butthole]] while you're [[69|sixty-nining]] Uncle Fester on my father's bed!
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  • ...opening spudge came off free and clear, and all comers scrabbled for the n'uncle. After a punchup on the fifth form Manchester slapped the monkey, and it wa |Maurice Zatapathique
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  • ...ssured by his cold mother Lucille Barksdale, young D took the words of his uncle Avon to heart: "Family first." D was ready to fall on his sword for the goo === Maurice Levy ===
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  • ...[Cold War]] wasn't any good, but it gave us [[James Bond]], [[The Man From UNCLE]], [[Our Man Flint]] and [[Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD]], so it wasn't all b * [[Some guy|Michael Eisner]] obtains approval from deceased grand-uncle to sell [[puzzle potato]] to cover gambling debts.
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  • ...eason...wait, I meant the Make Beliefs...damn, now I've jinxed us." - Paul Maurice. This team has a pact with the jackass Gary Bettman that if they ever go de *''Portland Motherfuckers'' (Later renamed Portland Uncle Fuckers)
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  • Le Système du Docteur Goudron et du Professeur Plume Maurice Tourneur Henri Gouget, Henry Roussel, Renée Sylvaire France Short film, si The Spider's Web Van Dyke Brooke, Maurice Costello Charles Eldridge, Earle Williams, Hal Wilson United States Short f
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