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  • *[[TV|Welcome Back, Kotter]] (doesn't star McGinley himself, but successful due to a look-alike) *[[Baseball|Major League: Back to the Minors]] ([[1998]])), as Leonard [[Huff]]
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  • ...hing that everybody can enjoy. I've colorized the moon.|Ted Turner|giving back to the community}} ...ith this technology he was soon able to broadcast reruns of [[Welcome Back Kotter]], [[Small Wonder]] and Happy Days 24/7. This new 'round-the-clock capabili
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  • ...a member of "The Sweathogs" on the much loved crime-drama ''"Welcome Back, Kotter."'' After adding [[teh]] much cooler sounding "Carver" to his last name, He [[File:Swiss roll34.jpg|thumb|left|A Washington Taco found in the back of my fridge after six weeks.]]
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  • [[Image:kaplano.jpeg|thumb|right| star of Welcome Back Kotter, Gabe Kaplan.]] ...d of notability was commandeering the world's first time machine to travel back in time and breed its way through the cosmos. Bruce's accomplishments were
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  • ...oward]] of ''[[The Three Stooges]]'' and Ron Palillo from ''[[Welcome Back Kotter]].'' An audio clip of this ground-breaking piece of television theatre can
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  • ..., is always immaculate. During this period, John was nursing a baby ferret back to health, and was known to keep it warm in his underpants. The masseur pre
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  • It is known that Alice has a curious obsession with wing-back chairs, biting off chickens testicles, and on at least one occasion she pre ...of his own (Coop's Coop) and practices firing them out of a cannon at the back wall of his home in Phoenix. This is the same cannon he mentioned being fir
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  • [[Image:Back_to_the_Future_remake.JPG|right|thumbnail|300px|Rob Zombie's ''Back to the Future'' starring Daeg Faerch and Malcolm McDowell.]] '''83. [[Back to the Future]]'''
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  • ...d become a scientist himself, forever changing the cast of [[Welcome Back, Kotter]]. I hope you read all that. If you didn't then sod off back to the top of the page and READ IT AGAIN.
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