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Super AIDS, commonly called Type-B AIDS, is caused by a mutated form of HIV (HIV-b). It is known to kill your lymphatic system and rot your internal organs.


Octagon-warning.png NOTE
There are too many causes to list. These are just a few.

-Watching the movie "Da Vinci Code"

-Pledging Allegance to Hitler, and his inbred family.

-Vigorous, unwanted sexual activity (rape) (see Michael Jackson)

-Use of dildos

-Being inbred (higher risk factor)

-Being a fucking noob (a lot of noobs have the disease)

-Having intercourse with Michael Jackson (He has it)

-Being related to Paris Hilton (Studies show she may have it)

and the list goes on...


The first major sign is swastikas appearing in the eyes. Later on, the victim will have strong urges to drink chunky water (indicating Super HIV has spread vigorously). They may develop EPS.

Octagon-warning.png NOTE
The symptoms are too numerous to list. If swastikas appear in your eyes, call 911 immediately!

The only symptom women have is extreme breast enlargement.

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