"The War on Hello Kitty"

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Not long after the Siege of the Noobish Territories, there was another war. Hello Kitty had turned against the people she had worked for, and started a rebellion.

The war on Hello Kitty is basically the Europan States against Hello Kitty's Nazi Party.

The Battle of Dresto Island[edit]

Dresto Island is a small island in the Noobish Territories. It's only city is Deva, a small town on the coast of the island. General Yugi Moto had killed all the N00bs in the town, with the help of Hello Kitty. On January 12, 8893, out of nowhere, troops bearing the Nazi symbol marched into the town, killing everyone in site, by the order of Hello Kitty. Yugi (from "You-Dum-Hoe!") had only 19 troops, and he mercilessly forced them in to battle. Hmm... Lets see...

    • 20 musketmen
    • 10 swordsmen
    • 19 milkmen

Now, who do you think is gonna win, and take the town of Deva?

Of coarse, The Nazis won, but 19 men isn't all that put up a fight. The citizens also didn't like the idea of being taken over again. They rebelled a couple times after the takeover, but Deva still remained a Nazi settlement.

General Hoe's March[edit]

General Hoe was stationed in Salamis (a minor city in Europa). When all of a sudden, he heard troops marching to the gate. He thought it was Noobish Remnants, but he was wrong. They were 10 troops (thats not much compared to Hoe's troops), all bearing the Nazi insignia. Hoe had atleast 156 men in Salamis, so victory was assured. After the battle, he was ordered to march troops over to Dildoton, Lesbia.

Dildoton, Lesbia[edit]

As you may have read in some of my other articles, Dildoton is near the capital of Lesbia (Uteria). Lesbia consists of only females, and their population is declining fast now (why? hehe). On March 30, Dildoton was attacked by Nazis, and so was the cities of Chlamydia, Syphilia, and Uteria. General Hoe marched to Dildoton, with 200 troops. When he got there, he only had 98 left.

“Most of my men died, but I could die happily now that I have seen these large brested, insanely hot Lesbians.”

~ General Fuk U. Hoe on Lesbians of Lesbia

Winning the War[edit]

It had taken alot out of the Europan Empire, but general Stewie eventually found Hello Kitty making love to Adolf Hitler. Adolf got away, but they managed to capture Hello Kitty. The least the courts could slap Hello Kitty with was a sudden death sentence, but Stewie had something greater in mind. Hello Kitty was then tortured for the rest of her days for treason against the Europa Empire.

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