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Recently, a group of Uncyclopedian n00bs (read:hippies) who had nothing to do with their time idly started flaming each other over a debate reading whether Uncyclopedia should create a "This page does not exist" page. Overnight, it turned into a worldwide cause for concern and led the fretting administrators to classify it as ICU. Here, the whole debate shall be dissected - shouldn't take too long, we are dealing with n00bs here.

For creating this page[edit]

So why should we create a pointless page that has empty humour? Uncyclopedia is for funny parodies, not spam - that is what we have chatrooms for. However, nonsense can sometimes be funny, as is documented in the guide How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid. Also, we all have very different senses of humour and some people might like it. Furthermore, meta-editing can be funny; the article on Nihilism is blanker than a cheerleader's brain map. And why else would AAAAAAA stay there if not for the fact that it made a significant proportion of people laugh out loud? All this points to the clear conclusion that Uncyclopedia should have a "This page does not exist" page.

Against creating this page[edit]

Most people would say: quite a lot. For the first thing, it would be a stub, and stubs tend to get deleted unless someone makes a desperate plea for help on their behalf. Secondly, it would be random garbled nonsense, which ICUs are gained from. In an effort to be funny, some first-timers may create pages full of nonsense that are later ICU-d and have to be completely rewritten. Also, in the article "How to be funny and not just stupid" it also says that in most cases nonsense is NOT funny. It can also be difficult to read, boring, or just plain worthless. It is also a mark of n00bishness and a pointless waste of bytes.

Say someone typed a very long article that consisted only of DNA coding, or random sequences, or whatever. No-one would find it very funny, unless they were severely retarded. Now say someone created a VERY short article with only one character in it. That would not be very funny either, except in a few specific cases, and even then to some people it looks like the rantings of a five-year-old. Both in general would not be funny, and this also applies to a "This page does not exist" page. Why? Because these articles are all SPAM. And spam is not funny, just very annoying and a total waste of space. So don't spam Uncyclopedia with stupid articles. Don't create a "This page does not exist" page. Stop spam today!


Since the "Against" section is bigger, don't even THINK of pursuing something so n00by. This doesn't apply to idiots, as they can't think.

This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.