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This article is about the band. For the disease, please see N'Sync.

“Fags! All of them!”

~ Fred Phelps on NSYNC

“This is too cheesy for a kid like me...”

~ Shirley Temple on 'N Sync

“Yo, these guys they iz the shizzle shiz”

~ Dick Cheney on 'N Sync

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'N Sync stared when JC called his new band members over and had a slumber party which led to them all sleep with each other. Since they found out they had become gay and had to hide it, they started a band in which they all sang so terribly that it quite covered up their collective lisp. But all of the repressed gayness got to their heads and started touching little fanboys. They were soon discovered with Macaulay Culkin in a basement in Los Angeles and once again hid their gayness by sleeping with each others moms. Justin then became straight with JC's mom and had to break away from the gay band. He started a somewhat successful career and left the other members to rot and become male prositutes. Lance was the most succesfull in that and has been on covers of magazines like: Playgirl and Buns 'N Ammo. In 1984 the entire band starred in Boy Bands Gone Wild! along with 98 Degrees and other unsuccesfull boy bands.

Where Are They Now?[edit]

Leaving the gynecologist's office after an appointment.
  • Justin has gone delusional with the thought that he will somehow bring sexy back.
  • JC is married to a college student, no strings attached.
  • Lance is now head of MTV. Male Teen Vidoes...
  • Joey is now happy and content with his new pedophile job. Myspace can't run itself, you know!
  • Chris is still giving head to his dad and his dog, Snickers. At the same time, mind you. That talented boy.

Popular Songs[edit]

No other ones I can think of..

Wait, I got one!

Never mind that was Backstreet Boys

Hold on..


Ok, I got another one!

No, not a song; Sorry, I was speaking to my mum...


..still thinking.


Oh well Bye, Bye, Bye go on to the next section I ran out after one song.


The Backstreet Boys really pissed them off. They actually believed that they were the gayer band. Idiots! It all started when Nick Carter told Justin's hair dresser to make him a winter. The bastard, his face was obviously much too angular for such a severe shade...

The True Members[edit]

Ryan Seacrest is gonna want that shirt back.

Oscar Wilde

  • Duffman
  • Gay Jewish Black Dude
  • Snickers

Things You Didn't Know About N*SYNC[edit]

  • Joey Fatone is actually Fat Tony. He changed the y to an e to immigrate to Orlando and join the band.
  • Pictures of them in bed got leaked into the Windows XP default background and that is why XP sucks.
  • When JC started the band he lured the future members to his house with pictures of David Hasslehoff.
  • Lance is still gay after several attempts of trying to be straight or at least bi. Ryan Seacrest to thank for this.
  • NSYNC won Celebrity Deathmatch between them and the Backstreet Boys because Lance agreed to having 'fun' with everyone backstage and gave everyone band-AIDS.
  • NSYNC is still singing songs for their Gay Dance Club
  • Snickers is now in psychiatric help after Chris raped him a lot.
  • NSYNC was recently shunned by the Gay Community for being too gay.


Studio Albums[edit]

  • *WeStink (Need a Shower) - 1998
  • All Fags Attached - 2000
  • Celebrity Juice (Not From Concentrate) - 2001


  • I Want My Boyfriend Back - (1998)
  • Tearin' Up My Shirt (Teasing On Webcam) - (1998)
  • God, I Must Have Spent Too Much Time on Gay Porn but that was the best! - (1999)
  • (Thinking of Him)I Made Myself Horny - (1999)
  • Gay Music is part of my Heart - (1999)
  • He's Bi Bi Bi!!! (Lance's attempt to be straight but didn't make it) - (2000)
  • We're Gonna Be Gay (But we are actually) - (2000)
  • I Promise You (To be a stripper) - (2000)
  • I'll Never Stop Fucking You (2000)
  • Flop - (2001)
  • Gone (To the Gay Bar) - (2001)
  • Boyfriend [Remix] wailing with Nelly (2002)
  • Girlfriend [2007 Remix] featuring Avril Lavigne (2007)