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A key concept in human rights, equality (uppercase: +) is espoused by White History Month leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr (who campaigned for the rights of minorities) and Nelson Mandela (who campaigned for the rights of the majority).

It is widely reported that The French think they invented Liberty, along with Equality (which they didn't actually have) and Fraternity (best known for college beer bashes).

The equality (=) sign is also used by gymnasts to perform amazing feats of strength and agility. But this is generally ineffective unless it is upheld by two upright bars (|=|).

The = mark has had a very hard time, with the + mark always above it. The + sign tried to move it with the 0, but the + sign felt bad because no body wants to be with a zero.

= is a socialist.

You did it wrong![edit]

  • Wait, what? No, you did it wrong!
  • Of course you did! Look, the bars are too far from the sides! Try it again!
  • No, that's not right either!
  • Why don't you just type an H, don't you know how to do that?
  • Yes, that's right, now get a hyphen, like this -.
  • Yep, you got it again. Now drop the - down into the H.
  • No you didn't get it that time... just forget about it, you're obviously not a gymnast or French.

In emoticonics[edit]

= tried to be in cool emoticons, but it did horribly on the interview and $ got the job. How many emoticons have you seen with $? that's how much = sucks


What? Oh that wasn't supposed to look like that...

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