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is one of the most evil beings in the universe. It is known, indeed, to have destroyed many worlds, by confusing and destroying it’s inhabitants. Few who have met it have survived. Legends foretell that ∫ is indeed integral to the destruction of the universe.


∫ was born from the mind and rituals of sick, sick individuals, who were trying to find a new way to discover how much wood chuckers a wood chuckers chucker could chuck if a wood chuckers chucker could really exist and not anger wood chuckers by chucking then. They thought that, by reuniting all these nonsense in a messy way, they could simply know the answser and, thus, ∫ was born.

Of course, this was even more stupid considering that the aswenser was, as known since unheard times, 295.

Super powers[edit]

∫ has many super powers, mainly inflicting mental pain, consuming large amounts of pencils, pens and papers. This wicked being can also turn the simplest things into unholy demoniac things, by using it’s power of transporting things to the magical land of unreasonable numbers.

And sometimes it does things related to areas, but nobody could ever go past it´s evil power enough for it to show it.

It also has the ability to add an infinite number of numbers together, which is of course impossible. Its ability to do the impossible can destroy the universe.

∫´s History[edit]

Few things are known about ∫. This is what could be found about it.

First Years[edit]

So, ∫ was born, and nobody could do anything about it. But despite it´s wicked nature and evil powers, it wasn’t truly evil, and liked tea, chips, power lines, and was an excellent partner for baseball, generally as the bat. He also ate all of his vegetables.

But then, some evil guys from the cult of physicists found his evil powers, and decided to use it for the only thing that they knew: their evil purposes. They showed ∫ how to use his evil powers, and so he went on to use them.

The attack[edit]

Physicists used ∫ for many, many years. However, ∫ grew with this, and with it his lust for power. He waited patiently, waited for the right opportunity. He was even given a trusty partner, dx, thus being born the dynamic duo, ∫dx.

Physicists decided it was the time to attack, and thus showed ∫ how to use powerful electromagnetic fields, whose nature nobody understood, or even needed to. However, the power was too great for them to control, and so ∫ eliminated all the evil physicists from the earth, in what was known as "the great cleansing".

∫ appeared to an unsuspecting world, and thus led many people to the brink of madness. Some of them, seeking power, joined the feared ∫ cult, whose went around faking understanding of what ∫ did which, of course, they didn’t.

The attack was only stopped because ∫ simply couldn’t understand people and, seeing as he should be the only being who shouldn’t be able to be understanded by other beings who don’t understand things such as ∫ or even other beings. So he left earth, because aliens looked easier to understand than humans.

The Dark years[edit]

The universe was, to ∫ sadness, strange and boring, so he started destroying only planets without living beings, where nothing was there to misunderstand. Such a feat was accomplished either by dx separating it into weeny tiny bits, or by he simply sending said planet into the non-understandable void of the Magical Number Galaxy.

Such endeavors were very boring, so he started reuniting planets, into the first form of intergalactic "art". But dx was saddened by this new direction, where he wouldn’t change anything, just sit idly, day after day, watching as all planets stupidly bundled together. ∫ finally dumped dx, saying he was way too unidimensional.

Later, the planets collapsed into a black hole, making ∫ art all useless. He went into a spiral of madness, coming from planet to planet and empitying their stocks of booze, cigarettes and all kind of things these aliens thought of having. Day after day, he threw his life away.

As for dx, he got over his personality problems by reuniting again with his long lost brothers, dy, dz and dwhateverotheralphabetletter. They formed a musical superhero group, now know as dFantastic4.

The Earth[edit]

While ∫ was gone, it´s effects on earth were not. The crazy people who worshipped ∫ continued to employ it, no matter when, no matter where. This led to many more crazy people, either crazy i-am-an-orange or crazy I-heart-∫, the later being crazier than the first. This made many people sad, and thus Integration and Calculus were born.

Many of these people await for what they call the "Second coming of ∫", which will happen at "The Day of Finals Judgment", after what the great F´s will rain like rain upon the heads of the infidels, while believers goes to the great A+ heaven.

Many other sane people consider this bullshit, as obviously the believers just pretend to understand those things to appear important. Indeed, nobody understand those things enough and thus Humanity will be screwed for good that day.

∫ future[edit]

∫ is currently Missing, trying to find his true self. Of course, such thing is impossible, as ∫ is impossible to comprehend. But he seem to think booze is the aswenser to finding it.

Other references to ∫[edit]

- Emos believe nobody understand them, and thus some think they are in fact ∫.

- In popular anime "One Piece", criminals with 'd.' as the middle name are quite common, an obvious reference to the evil "∫ d. x".

- ∫ is also called E2.88.AB in some cultures, a clear reference to the year he was born (4488), his blood type (AB) and his favorite chess movement (E2).

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