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( is the international symbol for "fat person turning left". It is recognizable on no signs in all developed countries.

History of ([edit]

First Notification[edit]

The United Nations was first made aware of the fat people turning and knocking other people down problem as early as 1972. In June of that year, a task force was formed to solve the issue. By 1986 the first findings were presented to the General Assembly. It was determined that, as a whole, fat people can not see where they are going, and so knock other people down.

The task force was ordered to develop solutions immediately.

Task Force Solution #1[edit]

In August of 2003 the task force announced an answer to the problem in a paper titled, Corpulent Personages' Overwhelming Tendency Toward Ambulatory Interference. It was hailed as the new benchmark of obfuscation.

Within the 3,894 pages of their paper, the task force suggested that every fat person everywhere be issued turn and reverse signals, both flashing lights and loud horns, that would automatically start when the fat person turned or walked backward.

The General Assembly sent the Task Force away with a stern suggestion: find a solution that sucks less.

Task Force Solution #832[edit]

On December 21, 2006, after several rejected attempts, the Task Force finally presented a solution to this world-wide problem that was agreeable to representatives of every nation.

Symbolic signage warning the skinnier world citizens of the clear and present danger presented by their chubbier counterparts.

Task Force Final Solution[edit]

It was decides to rid the world of fat people on 20 April 2007 at a general assembly in Auschwitz, Germany. The questionably Nazi chairman of the United Nations, Rudolf Hitler, passed the motion and celebrated with a goose step. All fat people would be denied entry into any fast food restaurant or take away establishment. This continued for 4 days after no fat people died it was decided to gas them with carbon monoxide instead. Hey presto there gone.