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Illuminati Document 00012

This “electonric mail” is truly an amazing technology.
I wonder what other technologies we will extract from the ship we captured in Roswell last year?


To the High Enlightened One:

I write this so-called e-mail with several concerns.

We Pirates of the Caribbean have always served to bring about your vision.
Since 1587, when our ancestors arrived in Roanoke, we have done your bidding.
We abandoned Roanoke and made our home on Castaway Cay.
We, along with the savages who came from Québec, made a society based on your ideals.
We became an instrument of the Light.
In the eighteenth century, we helped our brethren control the Atlantic trade.
In 1848, we helped our brethren move from Disneyland to Trenton.
We have always been here to serve the higher purpose.

I sense that a new era will be soon upon us. There is a confluence of events.
Since Wernher von Braun defected from the Ancients of Mu, we have discovered much.
It is a good thing that that idiot Hitler didn’t see the true potential of von Braun’s work.
He thought it was all about rockets. The simpleton was a little Jew-obsessed.

As if von Braun’s knowledge weren’t enough, we received another gift from the heavens.
The ship we captured last year in Roswell has also shown us new possibilities.

It will take much work to use the new knowledge. We have outgrown the Trenton base.
I suggest that we Illuminated ones return to Disneyland.
Disneyland was always destined to be the instrument of the Light on Earth.
Our contacts in the U.S. State Department will sway events and give Disneyland its independence.
After independence, the Illuminati can pursue its plans there without interference.
We, the faithful Pirates of the Caribbean will follow and join you there in due time.

As always, serving the Light,

--Agent 44
April 5, 1948