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Illuminati Document 00140

July 19, 1954

Re: Mouse psychological profile 

I have been monitoring the ADO as per orders.
I recognize that time is growing short. The impetus to locate to Disneyland grows strong.
I am updating my report about Mouse with an eye towards of recent events.



Outwardly, subject is charismatic and charming.
On further observation, subject displays narcissistic tendencies, signs of egotism and megalomania.
Subject is easily flattered. Psychological profile indicates susceptibility to suggestion.
Subject  seems ideal for our purposes.
He will carry out our imperatives as his own given the right behavioral incentives.

During events from 1954/07/04-1954/07/15, Mouse appeared calm (cf. SURVEILLANCE AUDIO #0889A).
Subject’s preparation for 1954/07/06 speech consisted of one-hour manic episode of rehearsals.
Subject was dismissive of suggestions from Duck that speech was crazy talk (cf. AUDIO #08990C).
Observations give additional evidence for chemical dependency on Roquefort and Cheddar.

New evidence from Gracey Estate incident confirm malleability of subject.
Anecdotal evidence confirms earlier conclusions that subject is ideal for leadership role.
Mouse regime in Disneyland would give our organization most latitude for carrying our work.


Observations from the Gracey Estate incident convince me that our current strategy is correct.
We should expand our plans to influence events to place Mouse in power.

We walk in Light,

 --Agent 86

P.S. I have completed embedding the subliminal messages within the recordings.
We should be ready for a roll out for Elvis Presley’s music very soon on the radio.
This project should advance our aims considerably.