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Illuminati Document 00197

To those who seek Illumination:

This has been a truly amazing year.
We have returned to our old home in Disneyland after 108 years in exile.
The Pirates of the Caribbean, after centuries of faithful service, have returned to us.
With the ever so malleable Mickey Mouse the Great in “power,” we can turn to the work that lies ahead.

Wernher von Braun’s equipment is being brought to a facility near Burbank called Mauschwitz.
The Mouse built it as a prison, but it is suitable for our purposes.
It will take several months, but by this time next year, we might begin preliminary soul extractions.
A more pressing matter is the fate of the craft we recovered in Roswell in 1947.
Some of the artifacts from the craft are still powered and working.
One sporadically makes an awful wailing noise.
I have chosen the Matterhorn as the site for their final disposition.
The thick rock will shield our work from the view of the less enlightened.
In the immediate future, we need to begin building tunnels in the Matterhorn.
We will place all of the alien artifacts within.
Deep in the mountain, we will build our labs and study these amazing technologies.

We follow the path of the Light.

--Agent 1
November 30, 1956