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Illuminati Document 00456


In these auspicious times, we should reflect on the nature of this blessed Disneyland.
This illuminated land is our beacon, the first light among many.
We should always remember Íñigo López de Loyola (Ignatius of Loyola), who came to New World in 1556.
In this new holy land, he adopted the persona of Wahtehdausnee.
He had but one mission—to establish a foothold for our forces of light within the Spanish colonies.
The Ancient Order of Mu had grown so powerful in the Old World.
A New World seemed an appropriate place for a new beginning.

The mission was successfully completed.
Ignatius brought peace to the savage tribes and gave us the Disneyland Confederation.
Here was a new place! A place where we could truly test our ideas of social organization.

The American annexation of the Disneyland territories in 1848 was unfortunate.
It was a setback for those of us who serve the Light.
Our people had to find shelter in New Jersey in 1849.

But there were future days, and new opportunities arose after World War II.
Nazi experiments in soul extraction research seemed to show a new path.
The craft we captured in Roswell in 1947 gave us new powers to remake the World.
We needed a new base from which to use the knowledge we had and gain the knowledge we needed.
An old home beckoned to us as a possible new home.
Operatives within US State Department encouraged recognition of Disneyland Confederation.
And so we returned to this blessed Disneyland in 1955.
Our old friends in the Pirates of the Caribbean staged attacks on Disneyland trade.
Taking advantage of attacks, we maneuvered patsy Mickey Mouse the Great into “power.”
It was much like old times, and here in Disneyland, we could make our plans with little interference.

The new illuminated era must be drawing near.
Wernher von Braun continues his work for us in Mauschwitz, Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain.



I am pleased to report that von Braun’s research is advancing most nicely.
We are still reviewing latest Jungle Cruise data for improving Gracey Estate facilities.
Recommend that we begin preliminary work to scale our activities in Disneyland to global level.
The light that we have made in Disneyland shall spread to all corners of the world.
This is a grand era, and our dreams of many thousands of years may come true in this lifetime.

--Agent 145
December 3, 1969