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Illuminati Document 04933

October 2, 1984

To: Master Weiss
Re: Big Thunder Mountain Mines

As you well know, securing sources for raw ores has become a highest priority for our
organization; next year’s scheduled construction on Castaway Cay will take enormous resources.
Our engineers tell me that we should anticipate additional needs for rare earths and metals
as we roll out the reversed-engineered alien technologies on a global basis. We face some
potential critical shortages.

Gaining control of the mining operations on Big Thunder Mountain should be high on
our agenda. I have already directed one of our dummy corporations to enter negotiations
to acquire a controlling interest. But there have been some snags in our plans. The mines are
currently controlled by seven dwarves who seem to have no interest in selling. Our lower level
government contacts are not having much luck in swaying the course of events. The dwarves seem
to have some friends in high places. My sources say that they have a close association
with Agricultural Minister White. I will look into this further. I am hesitant to use the mind control
technologies; they have been unpredictable. We may need to get some of our more highly placed
members of our organization to influence the final outcome.

Once we get control, I will personally see to it that all of the mine output on Big Thunder
Mountain gets diverted for our aims. For public appearances, the mines will be “closed.” We can
refine the ores onsite using the new technologies we acquired from the Matterhorn labs.
The passenger trains on the mountain can be utilized to transport finished product.

We walk in Light,

--Ms. Eloise Schwartz

P.S. Reformulating Coca-Cola next year sounds like a great idea! The certain backlash against the
new formula will certainly serves our aims. Also, looking forward to the staff barbecue in August! --E.S.