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Although round, 100 has baffled number theory students and English majors for many years due to its wildly fluctuating nature. Some reports have put its value as low as 5 and 30, others have placed it as high as 101 and 127 or even higher. Every time the value of 100 is invoked, its meaning is changed, making it a socially dangerous number to talk about. For example, subtle differences in context and culture can change a significant 100 billion dollars into a measly 1 million dollars.

100 In Pop Culture[edit]

  • Number of Senators in Congress (Only if you don't count those pesky non-voting members from territories and places like that)
  • Number of Cents in 1 Dollar
  • Um...Number of Apostles (give or take a few)
  • Um...Age of Yo Mamma (give or take a few (billion) years)
  • The Hundred Years' War
  • Number Of Years in a Century +1
  • Number Of Decades in a Millennium +2
  • A Great Combo to get in Dance Dance Revolution
  • A variety of cigarette. The 100 makes it better (possibly 100 times better, unverified)
  • An age people aspire to live up to
  • Maximum number of percent reachable in any situation (regardless of what your boss thinks, insisting that you need to give 110% effort every day)
  • Number of votes Al Gore lost Florida by in the 2000 Presidential Election
  • How much Jessica Alba cost for a 1 minute handjob (trust me i know)

100 in mathematics[edit]

Contary to popular belief, 100 is actually a very valuable number in mathematics mainly because it is an odd and even number. Believe it or not 100X3=300 which were how many Spartans.

Proving 100 is a prime number[edit]

“Yeah right!”

~ Science on The following theory

In the English language, prime means something that is quite high in rank. And since the largest amount of percent reachable in any situation is 100% (ergo being the highest) we can prove that 100 is in fact a prime number.

Disproving 100 is a prime number[edit]

“Dont click this link. Seriously. Otherwise you'll start reading the article and your brain will hurt!”

~ Science on Trying to make the world less intelligent

The truth apparently