100 Worst Condom Flavours

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There have been many different types of condoms in the past, including the extra thin variety. Here are some of the worst.

101. Durian


100. Mint
99. Ginger
98. Penis
Just like the real thing.
97. Earwax
96. Black Sweat
95. Vagina
For the lesbian in all of us. Also so they know how bad it tastes/smells.
94. Steve Ballmer
93. Ebola
Let the condom do the eating!
92. Acid Reflux
You might as well get used to it now.
91. Matured Stilton cheese


90. Spunk
Defeating the purpose? Never!
89. Original Melted Battery
It keeps going, and going, and going...
88. Jesus
Jesus is indeed coming!
87. Apple
86. Viagra Extract
When you need more power!
85. Whipped Cream
Don't confuse it!
84. Vagina filled with cigarette butts
Tastes awful, but it's addictive.
83. Wet Dog
Unless you're into that stuff.
82. Grandma
Nobody likes the taste of mothballs, urine and death.
81. Morning Breath
Tastes like old eggs...


80. Shaving cream
It's a bit too metro...
79. Pepsi Blue
C'mon, no-one liked Pepsi Blue.
78. Cat food
Only Courtney Samantha Sheen likes this flavour...although the cats also like a nibble
77. Bacon
76. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

It's Obv Margarine

75. Vinegar-soaked Sponge
74. WD-40
Ultimate in lubrication, but no.
73. Blood
72. Curry
Englands national meal.
71. Asbestos
It's to die for.


70. Eucalyptus
69. Haggis
for the Scot in you
68. Brain Peppers
67. SpongeBob
which incidentally smells a bit like a pineapple
66. Bleach
Clean that filthy mouth.
65. Urinal cake
64. Polonium
63. Polish
The shiny stuff, not people from Poland...or is it?
62. Pop-Rocks
Actually, a girl once dared me to let her do this to me... let's just say it was quite a night.
61. Cthulhu
Tastes like fear and souls


Strangely Oven Roasted Chicken and Bumsekks is not listed.
60. Your fat black momma
Tastes like an old used shoe
59. Polish
People from Poland, not the shiny stuff.
58. Austrailia
For when you want to go down under...
57. Beached whale
Tastes the same as the Anna Nicole Smith ones
56. ATM
Have you ever licked a dollar bill?
55. Bill Gates
Have you ever licked a dollar, Bill?
54. Used Jock Strap
53. Rotting Flesh
For the gangrene fetish.
52. Bloody Tongue
At least it had good lubricant.
51. Yellow Snow
Momma never told you to not suck on it.


50. Grue
It bites back.
49. Fish
for the lesbian in all of us.
48. Dead Puppies
goes well with dead babies
47. Sausage
May encourage bad things...
46. Cum
What's the point?
45. Vagina... AGAIN!
If you're girlfriend/wife/homosexual lover is requesting that you wear this flavour, then I think you might have a little problem if you catch my drift... Also, random guys will definitely try to suck your dick once word gets around that you happen to choose to wear this flavoured-condom.
44. Gasoline
There is a reason that it tastes like gasoline, stupid. You may go to the hospital now. This is also the favourite condom of both the Bush and Bin Laden families!
43. Anti-freeze
See 44 for details... you goddam moron!
42. Lightning
For those of us who like to get...erm...shocked. Damn.
41. Camembert Cheese
Don`t be suprised if a hamster runs out of nowhere and starts worshipping/eating the condom.


40. Doom
Omg blood everywhere.
39. Hot dog
Similar, ain`t it?
38. Llama spit
Have you ever been to Peru?
37. Children
It tastes like Abortion
36. Ballsack
Have you ever been to Peru?
35. Pamela Anderson
Mmmm smelly whore.
34. Salad
Hey, Vegetarians need meat too...
33. Ronald McDonald
I'm suckin' it.
32. Mexicans.
Taco with cum flavor. As used by The Mars Volta
31. Shit.
Dude, you never go ass to mouth!


30. Mouth.
Can you taste the differance?
29. Skittles.
If you're tasting the rainbow you should be fucking worried.
28. Hepatitis (all).
Refer to #35 and 32.
27. Dead people.
Not everyone likes them stiff.
26. Ron Jeremy.
Seriously, does this need explanation.
25. Raid.
Think about it.
24. Ants.
For one, just why, and for two, blondes would probably follow up with ant poison...
23. Chinese food.
yo' dog.
22. Hemorrhoids.
with hemerrhoids comes preparation h.
21. Obesity.
Just too chunky.


20. Vacuum
Sucks. In basicly every definition of the word.
19. Deodorant
For those with odorous genetalia
18. Hitler
The Touch of Rotted Nazism that Everyone Loves
17. Pop Idol Winner
a mixture of the popular Success and Failure condoms that never took off, due to its errant stupidity and lack of intelligence
16. Electricity
Useful for disposing of unwanted lovers. Unfortunately, has the side effect of dismemberment
15. Wii
Try to avoiid playing with iit for too long.
14. Cock
Tastes exactly like #98
13. Anal Leakage
For that diarrhoea moustache you've always wanted
12. Controversial Iranian Waters
11. Shaquille O'Neal
Giant man sweat with a hint of lime!


10. Acid (the chemical).
Mmm corrosion. (Guys do you really want that shit on your junk?).
9. Acid (the drug).
Dude, if he/she/it starts hallucinating, you may be minus a cock.
8. Dr. Phil.
For guys with self esteem issues.
7. Fire.
Thats what "warming sensation" condoms are for. Fire = burn.
6. Paris Hilton.
5. D&D
"You enter a room. You see a gigantic condom. What do you do?"
4. Karl Rove's bathroom sink.
3. Cigarette.
Brings whole new meaning to smoking a fag, also greatly increases your risk of infertility and painful death.
2. Pacifier.
You sick FUCK.
1. Yourself.
    Get Her Drunk
0 Self destruction button



I wanted people to add their own rather than me fill in the list.