100 Worst Moments to get a Boner

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100 April Fools Jokes
99 Colours
98 Creatures to have sex with
97 Firefox extensions
96 Foods
95 Gifts to give a friend
94 Harry Potter Spin-offs
93 Inventions
92 Locations
91 LOL Cats
90 Make Out Songs
89 Moments to get a Boner
88 Moments to Laugh
87 Money Making Schemes
86 Movies
85 Non-existent Words
84 Non-Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
83 Nutty Conspiracy Theories
82 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
81 Pick-up lines
80 Pokemon Cash-Ins
79 Porn Stars
78 Quick Detections that an Uncyclopedia page sucks
77 Reasons to become a Christian
76 Reflections on 2005
75 Reflections on 2006
74 Reflections on 2007
73 Reflections on 2008
72 Reflections on 2009
71 Reflections on 2010
70 Reflections on 2011
69 Reflections on 2012
68 Rejected Harry Potter Novels
67 Remakes
66 Restaurants
65 Self Help Books
64 Sequels
63 Sexual Perversions
62 Short Poems
61 Sitcom Catchphrases
60 Songs
59 Songs about Seagulling
58 Songs Referencing Paedophilia
57 Songs To Have Sex To
56 Songs To Play At A Funeral
55 Spinoffs
54 Superheroes
53 Things About the '00s
52 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
51 Things to do during Christmas
50 Things to Put In An IV
49 Things To Say In Court
48 Things to Say in the Workplace
47 Things to say on a First Date
46 Toys
45 TV Programs
44 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes
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40 Ways of Being a Dick
39 Ways To Be Castrated
38 Ways to be Circumcized
37 Ways to Deliver Bad News
36 Ways to Die
35 Ways to Exercise
34 Ways to Fight a Crocodile
33 Ways to Fight a Dolphin
32 Ways to Fight a Duck
31 Ways to Fight a Frog
30 Ways to Fight a Jellyfish
29 Ways to Fight a Kangaroo
28 Ways to Fight a Lemur
27 Ways to Fight a Man
26 Ways to Fight a Penguin
25 Ways to Fight a Pirate
24 Ways to Fight a Platypus
23 Ways to Fight a Queen
22 Ways to Fight a Snake
21 Ways to Fight a Turtle
20 Ways to Fight a Vampire
19 Ways to Fight a Werewolf
18 Ways to Fight an African Elephant
17 Ways to Fight an Alligator
16 Ways to Fight an Asian Elephant
15 Ways to Fight an Iguana
14 Ways to Fight an Ox
13 Ways to Fight an Ugly Animal
12 Ways to Get a Boyfriend
11 Ways to Get a Girlfriend
10 Ways to Hack a Computer
9 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
8 Ways to Start a Novel
7 Ways to Win an Argument
6 Weapons
5 Werewolves
4 Worlds of Fiction
3 Xylophones
2 Yaks
1 Zebras

Guys, you all understand. It's tough, especially for people like me, where it sticks out even without an erection. But hey, it's life, its almost like when women's nipples show when their shirt is too tight or wet...except, everyone wants to see that, no one wants to see your boner. It's typical, you always get it at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT, it's never when you're lying in bed, or you're alone at home or when you're trying to have sex, oh-no, it's got to be...well here's 100 examples!


100. When in the change room in gym class.
99. While you go out to get the mail in your robe.

“Yup, flag's up.”

~ Mailman on you getting a boner while getting the mail
98. When your neighbor tells you he’s gay.
97. When watching a nature documentary with your girlfriend. You don't want to get a boner when you see two chipmunks getting it on.
96. While watching the Logo channel. Especially when watching anything with RuPaul.
95. When "Karma Chameleon" starts playing on the radio while you're in the bathroom of a gas station/convience store in Chemult.
94. When the pilot tells you that “we will be encountering some slight turbulence up ahead.
93. The same time someone kicks that springy door-stop thingy and makes it go "Boi-oi-oi-oinggggg."
92. Whenever that hideously ugly girl from your biology class tries to talk to you.
91. Whenever that annoying faggot in your creative writing classes draws another gay-ass anime cartoon and/or starts making references to gay movies or videos that nobody watches.


90. While stuffed into an enclosed space...with guys.
89. While stuffed into an enclosed space...with your mom.
88. While using a chef's knife. See the Lorena Bobbit example.
87. While watching the fat black chick from that "Precious" movie.
86. While quoting Oscar Wilde.
85. When peeing. It makes it harder to aim.
84. In front of an industrial size fan. Ow.
83. When you're letting the kids bury you in the sand at the beach.
82. While praying in an extremist Mosque.
81. While singing in an orchestra (Especially if you are singing Alouette)


80. When you're on America's Next Top Model.
79. When racing against Razor in Need For Speed Most Wanted
78. When at a funeral.
77. When you see a white van drive by.
76. While looking at pictures of your parents as children.
75. While picking salami at the butcher.
74. While wearing sweat-pants
73. When you accidentally put Napalm Jelly on your face instead of petroleum jelly
72. When leaning against a tiger cage.
71. Whilst visiting the gynecologist.


70. When looking at a picture of Lady Gaga and\or Ke$ha.
69. When meeting your wife's friend, who is a girl.
68. When picking your daughter up from school.
67. When talking to your child's teacher at a parent\teacher conference.
66. When you're Asian. If you get comments on how tiny it is, don't say I didn't warn you.
65. When watching Sesame Street. I know some people have a fetish for furries, but Elmo?
64. When in a marching band. It'll give new meaning to the phrase "playing the trombone."
63. When looking at your "On-Demand" list and seeing a Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" ad.
62. When you're on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And you wonder why Kevin Eubanks laughs all the time.
61. When a piranha bit your leg.


60. When a street evangelist is talking to you about how much Jesus loves you. Blessed is he who cums in the name of the Lord!
59. When a religious buddy lays hands on you in prayer.
58. While making repeated attempts to get through the airport metal detector and the assistant has to break out the portable.
57. While giving the weather forecast.
56. When you jump on to the back of your (male) friend.
55. When your cousin tells you all about how she just got dumped and she's so lonely. Except in Alabama.
54. Anywhere within a 500 ft. radius of Richard Simmons.
53. While standing in front of your classroom giving your oral report on cannibalism/necrophilia.
52. When next to a hairy guy at the beach lotioning himself up.
51. Any moment during a sumo wrestling match, whether participant or spectator.


50. When your mom walks in on you playing air guitar in your room...naked.
49. When accidentally walking into a gay bar.
48. Whenever Family Guy makes a gay joke.
47. When watching a show involving naked babies.
46. Watching the recording of your sister-in-law giving birth.
45. While watching sports. At a bar.
44. During a proctology exam.
43. While looking at a painting made by Pablo Picasso, like this
42. During a massage...in public...from your mom
41. See 42, but with your dad


40. When modeling pants.
39. While you're eating a fat free yoghurt sample at the supermarket.
38. When watching "Schindler's List".
37. When in a battle.
36. While wiping/looking at your ass.
35. When you have a history lesson about the Holocaust.
34. While posing naked for an art class.
33. When watching Golden Girls.
32. When your friend Rick rolls you.
31. When having a testicular cancer inspection at the doctor's.


30. Whenever IKEA makes a new furniture model (Or even Pia Ikea modelling herself). It will give a new word called "Wood on wood"
29. During your job as the mall Santa. Ho! Ho! Oh
28. While the nurse is shaving you before hernia surgery. The male nurse. And oh.... it makes him grin.
27. At an autopsy.
26. In the middle of racing at the Tour de France.
25. While teabagging someone (Or even hot coal) in Halo
24. Right before you're asked your opinion on sex education at the PTA meeting.
23. When watching reruns of "Doogie Howser, MD". Only women and gay men should find Neil Patrick Harris attractive (see "How I Met Your Mother").
22. When your wife tells you her great grandmother is coming to visit.
21. When watching Toy Story. It gives whole new meaning to the name ‘Woody.’


20. While hosting Story Hour in the children's library.
19. While preaching a sermon (this is why Catholic priests prefer robes)
18. At your diving class in your tight diving suit.
17. In a packed elevator.
16. In the very front of a packed elevator.
15. While asking your boss for a "raise".
14. When pacing back and forth making your case in the courtroom. I'm sure this has happened in quite a few Supreme Court cases.
13. Whenever anyone mentions Bangkok/John Handcock/Alfred Hitchcock.
12. When discussing a video game with a friend that he keeps saying is really long and hard.
11. During the Republican National Convention. Except if John McCain's daughter says anything. She's pretty much a ditzy dumb blonde with a huge rack. The only good thing McCain's ever done in his time as a member of Congress.


10. When your boss introduces you to his daughter. Especially if she has a nice ass.
9. When patting your dog.
8. When someone points a gun to your head.
7. While having a trial in court. you'll have to reveal your wood to everyone and rub it on the judge's face to get arrested.
6. When walking past the playground.
5. During the meeting, when you give new meaning to the term "PowerPoint presentation".
4. While being interviewed and your fly is open
3. At the same time you dropped the soap in prison
2. While reading an article about getting boners
1. When visiting Grandma's house, or worst of all in front of Mom ANYWHERE!