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“You can't write an article about my password!”

~ Bill Gates on 12345

“1-2-3-4-5. That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard of in my life! The kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!”

~ Dark Helmet on 12345

“1-2-3-4-5? That's amazing! I have the same combination on my luggage!”

~ President Bush on 12345

QWERTY was in a clearly logical order which made it the prime choice in password for version 1.1 of homeland as opposed to 12345

A Brief History[edit]

A universally accepted number, 12345 appears in many places around the world. Most notable of all locations is its implementation as the password for homeland security, after the original homeland version 1.1 crashed when they noticed the previous password "QWERTY" was infected with an insidious virus created by all time great evil, Linkin Park. Although the exact cause of it was never known, it was a known fact that no virus was associated with the numbers 12345, so it was found to be a suitable, if not slightly frustrating as the keys were difficult to troubleshoot and re-assign the numbers to their original functions, as they were assigned as hot keys for various pr0n channels.

However, it is prophesized that in light of the recent terrorist attack enacted by the New York Yankees that the password should eventually be upgraded to the more secure 123456 as the new breed of internal terrorism threatens the United States; as a plot was unearthed to change words in their "Uber top secret club house" rule book to allow international terrorists to infiltrate and destroy the "Uber top secret club house" (The White House). George Dubya Bush was shocked and utterly "Appaulderated" and warns all Americans to panic, loot and create general mayhem (see War on Terror).

All your password are belong to cats...again

The idea of using 12345 was something that came to Bush on the very day that made him the dictator of the world (see End of the world). When he first entered the class room where the students were learning to count to 10, however during the lesson after several repetitions he had only learnt up to 5 as the story about the duck proved to over-occupy his mind...And at some point 9/11.

Other known uses/implementations[edit]

As vague as the connection may see, 12345 has some reasonably clear linkage to the famed percussion instrument, the cowbell due to both time signatures, of which 1234 is used to count other musicians in, played with the cowbell in the sense of either traditional time signatures, 1/2 and 1/4.

It is the later section of the NASA countdowns, coincidently it is used to count down for demolition explosives, or nuclear tests. So NASA is often confused with Ned's All Star Assimilations, a locally run demolitions company from Texas.

The year 12345 AD is also closely associated with the End of the world, according to many 7th day Evangelists who combine the numbers from the first page of the book and proceeding page by page, most often up to the number 10.

So basically the whole concept this article is...void not only because the writer is completely full of shit, but it's association with 7th Day Evangelist is about as void as... well whatever the hell those Jehovah's Witnesses are going on about...

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