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Junn Kitt[edit]

It is believed to have been first discovered by Woman 1092 million years ago when Woman still lived in Uranus. It was a miserable and retarded creature, incapable of satisfying its sexual and basic needs. Taking pity on it, Woman decided to take Junn Kitt with them when they decided to move from Uranus to Earth. There, the Junn Kitt started mating with the natural inhabitants, also know as dinosaurs. This gave rise to a new kind of species, one that still WALKS among us. Only 2 known type of Junn Kitts remain known to Man (and Woman), the pure bread Junn Kitt, far superiorly retarded,yet still mildly docile, and the Aryer, the agressive evolution of Junn Kitt. The pure bread Junn Kitt, is most notable by the extreme high and thick layers of socks worn on his leg, although scienctists are unable to discover its reason, many speculate that it is for protection against the many spiky gelled hair of men whom it devours. It also has a retarded face, often used to agitate and irratate its prey to death. Its girlish laugh is a curse to all of mankind. Its primary source of food are 92 year old men, which it seduces into its room and devours it. For the Aryer species, not much is known about it yet, however many have seen it walk among us, stalking its prey, and one day its prey will turn up........preyed upon. Its uncouth behaviour is feared by all and therefore the Emporer of Jabrooniland decided to recuiit this moronic creature into his dark ranks. As scienctists has learned from the Gumball machine, the Emporer, also known as Darth Vadar, will soon invade South Africa and vie for supremacy in the jungles with Hitler's Zimbabean foretrollers. These titanic forces will clah for the last time on the day known as...JUDGEMENT DAY