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Not Elite

1336: /1336/, Noun. (thûr-tîn-thûr-tî-sîks)

Not 1337 enough.


This is the lamest number ever. Why the hell is this page on this website? I think this website should be demolished. Although I kind of think 1338 is lamer since without 1336 it might be hard to get to 1337, but I do no really know.

Example Usage[edit]

Elton John: I reckon I'm 1337, but the interviewer must think I'm 1336 because I haven't heard from him yet.
Samuel L. Jackson: Uh, I think it's because when he asked you about your degree, you stabbed him repeatedly in the face with his ballpoint pen.
Elton John: No way man, he was very understanding about that.
  • Samuel L. Jackson impales Elton John with his light sabre*

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