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Illuminati Document 13502


Megalomaniacal Mickey Mouse the Great, what a fool was he!
Idiotic Skyway was so impractical.
Still, it suited that rat, shuffling him from his family estate to his grandiose military schemes.
As impractical as it was, the Skyway gave us opportunities to further our aims.
The secret sensors within the support structures were useful for our surveillance.
Later, we embedded bliss amplifiers in the support structures.
Mickey Mouse the Great is gone, but we still have this monstrosity.



The Skyway is obsolete. Our satellites and the chips contained in the currency do its work nowadays.
The Skyway is now a grave liability.
We cannot leave such technology out in the open where it could be captured by the Ancients of Mu.
I recommend that the entire structure be removed.
The best suggestion is that we reactivate our agents with the PLO front.
A dramatic PLO attack on the Skyway would achieve many additional aims.
As we continue to build our machinery, we need more control of the populace.
The recent unfortunate incidents at the Gracey Estate show situation is growing out control.
A big and public PLO attack would allow us to best manipulate Great Council to suit our needs.
I recommend that we complete such a project by November.
Contact PLO to work out details.

--Agent 3205
March 9, 1994.