October 13

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October 13th is known to be the single most important day to any human being.


Regarded to some as the world procrastination day, this is a day where workers around the world gather in order to spend the whole day pretending they are working. Some have developed advanced techniques, such as building fake Excel spreadsheets that to the eyes of the innocent boss may look like work, but is nothing more than random numbers. Some geeks around the world are know to gather togheter in pubs to celebrate important stuff such as "Firefox Lastest and greatest alpha release", they also pretend they are cool and hot and try, with no success, to gain attention, specially from women.


October 13th has a special meaning in Brazil. It is the day where the slaves were set free by El Grand Almirante José Ruelas of the Montevideo Navy from the evil spanish bastards who, for more the 3 thousand years, ruled Brazil. Slaves wanted to maintain some of the culture they had back in their home country, China (located in the far west side of Australia), they used to speak portuguese and they wanted to maitain that tradition, unfortunately, after such a long time being ruled by the Spanish people, the slaves were no longer able to speak portuguese correctly, the language spoken by the spanish empire, the spanish language, had already corrupted their fragile little minds, thus a new language was born, the Portunhol, an acronym for portuguese and espanhol (spanish, in portuguese).

October 13th is important, in Brazil, because geek women-less bloggers and internet nerds around the country only speak in the language created by the good old slaves as an act of celebration. That movement is know among the citizen as the "International Speak Portunhol Day" and is one of the most important holidays in Brazil, in fact, some specialist say that even Christmas and the Get Drunk Day are not so important as October 13th.

Brazilian men also like to pee and set fire on Argentina´s flags at this day.


Argentina nerds tried to copy the famous brazilian holiday only to find they already speak spanish and so they end up speaking just like they did before. That was very stupid and brazilian are today discussing a way to make fun of them by making October 14th the "Make fun of Argentina day".


In contrast to the rest of the world, October 13 has evolved into a day of mourning for the people of Disneyland, as this date marked the death of the son of the famed Mickey Mouse the Great, Mickey Mouse, Jr., who ultimately had a big hand in ending the military regime in control of the nation.