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It took our brethren years of manipulation and cajoling to get the Mouse to build the PeopleMover.
Mickey Mouse the Great certainly was impatient as we delayed the PeopleMover to add our “special” touches.
Perhaps it was incidents like this that persuaded the elders to remove the Mouse.
But the work goes on.
The attacks 15 months ago on the Skyway were a spectacular success.
The Great Council pretty much rolled over and did as we asked.
They, and the public, are so easy to manipulate now.
The attack on the PeopleMover 7 months ago was successfully completed with the required finesse.
We got the tracks pretty much intact.
Meanwhile, the Disneyland public is now so fearful, we have free reign to act upon our plans.
The fear will be a challenge for the bliss generators in Space Mountain.
The facilities in Mauschwitz might need to work overtime.



As we scale up the machinery in Space Mountain, we will need to move heavy equipment.
I recommend that we follow through on our plan to use the abandoned PeopleMover rails.
Most of the superficial damage to the rails has been repaired.
The great machine on Castaway Cay continues to be built on schedule.
What a grand 30-year project!
We continue to build the amplifiers for the machine here in California.
The Florida and Japan projects are slightly behind.
Preliminary work has only begun in France.
We will need another site soon if we are to be on schedule.
The English will be leaving Hong Kong soon. There is a window of opportunity for us.

P.S. The Queen of England is complaining again about her daughter-in-law Di.
I grow concerned. Princess Diana may become an impediment to our goals.
Drastic measures may need to be taken.

--Agent 3205
February 26, 1996.