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Sequel to George Orwell's classic novel 1984. Since Orwell died with the manuscript incomplete, the novel was ghostwritten by Tom Clancy and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. While the book received poor critical reviews, it was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in both the "Best Sound Editing" and "Best Score" categories.

  • Siecioholiczka was born!!!


1985 is also a song by Bowling for Soup about their experience bowling for soup (and golfing for bread) in 1985. The lyrics are:

Bowling for soup sucks

Mostly cuz we suck at bowling

We go hungry most of the time

Because we suck at golf too

But on one occasion

There was a Madam, and you too,

bowling for nirvana.

and then came down St. Elmo's Fire

and engulfed all in green

And the next year

We quit that

Because in 1985,

Bowling for Soup was out of cool.