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The Year of the Pancake.

1992 never actually happened as it was kidnapped by 1991 who wanted to be the longest year ever ever ever. Luckily, 1993 destroyed the evil 1991 and since by this time it was January 1, 1993, 1993 decided to give it's first six months to 1992 and 1993 had the final six months.

  • The Beatles release "Led Zeppelin IV"
  • Led Zeppelin release "Led Zeppelin IV"
  • The first year without a cold war, hot war or Nazis affecting Western nations since 1928.
  • Bob Monkhouse was crowned King.
  • Macaulay Culkin was tied to a post and shot for Heresy in Suffolk, England, The Isle of Wight.
  • The World Record for Sheep Shearing was broken by Terry Wogan on his comeback to TV: "Wogan's the best, yeah?"
  • Princess Anne was released back into the wild in Africa from captivity as a practical joke.
  • Virtua Fighter is released by Sega.
  • The Maastricht Treaty forced all members of Europe to have a wash, because they all smelt of Sony.
  • Carl Johnson killed half the world population.
  • Virtua Fucker goes berserk, kills other half of world population
  • The secret society known as Evanescence forms under the cover of a hip-hop group, in an attempt to solving the mystery of the next evolution level of the Pokémon, God.
  • Adam Sandler found a quarter on the side of a road. He was later sued for 250,000 Australian pies.
  • Reconstituted International Peoples Church of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Scooby Gang is founded.
  • Keanu Reeves eyes were declared clinically dead on March 3rd.
  • Rodney King is beaten half to death after he steals a piece of bread...this results in an alien invasion that destroys the world.
  • The great fur war began.
  • Emo Hitler horribly disembowels Elvis Presleys evil Clone.
  • Mark David Chapman is dies in Wyoming after being raped and killed by flamingos.
  • Michael Jackson, after destroying the Death Star, freed countless monkeys from the reach of Osama Bin Laden.
  • Wesley Willis moved to the North Side of Chicago, and became the rock star at last.
  • Hurrican Andrea nasty thunderstorm that hit the Florida to Par-TAY
  • The world would actually have been saved from the imminent coming of the Apocalypse. Thanks a lot, 1992 babies... We're screwed because of you
  • Lies Damned Lies and slander!
  • Wayne's World comes out and forever makes the annoyingly annoying catchphrases "schwing!" and "excellent!" burned into our brains.
  • The Technology Era begins, marking mans Peak at prosperity, and then shortly after its Extinction by Cybernetic Gumblites.
  • Creedance Clearwater Revival ascends to heaven during a reunion tour.
  • 1987 writes its award winning biography, "A Year In The Life of a Year".
  • Hitler is still dead, despite any legislations that he is living with Elvis on a boat in the middle of Colchester, England.
  • The Soviet Union invades Kuwait and blames it on Iraq, George bush falls for it and Declares war on Iraq some time later.
  • Jesus returns as Kurt Cobain and releases Nevermind to destroy Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It was rebuilt in three days.


  • Officially the year of PWNage
  • Håvard still sucks!
  • January 1 - Spain introduces a new calendar, turning everything back to 1986. This means that everything in Spain dated after 1986 must be destroyed.
  • February 27 - Pokemon is invented and is in its infancy.
  • March 2 - The famous American author I. B. Blight writes the best-seller cyber-crime thriller Charlotte's Web.
  • April 27 - Kirby returns to Popstar to seek revenge on his father.
  • April 29-May 3: Race riots tear up Los Angeles apart, followed by the 3 year ethnic war in Sarajevo, Bosnia and the sudden rise of Anti-Semitism in the reunified Germany and former USSR: "Tolerance" of minority groups in any multicultural democratic society proves to be a failure...again.
  • May 2 - Disneyland declares war on Bulgaria.
  • June 10 - The Cherokee race becomes extinct due to the over population of Grue, after millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico overwhelmed this proud native people.
  • July 10 - Jay Leno's chin explodes.
  • July 11th - Rory Herd is born, he is a Rad Dude, know for his loveable personality, profound wisdom and discovering the cure for the Common Cold
  • August - Sweden introduces a mandatory Kindergarten system for all teenagers (aged 13-19).
  • August 15th - Pauline Joy is born to Carol Joy(a lovely woman who is as charming as she is tall) and begins her legacy of shitty dancing and advertising suggestive chatlines for kicks
  • August 16th - A fanglewangleaboodedybop is born under the shining stars of heaven and the green knight.
  • September 6 - All schools in Denmark are closed by the Government of Denmark for 75 000 years.
  • September 20 - Birth of Dan the man Trainor, the man whom eventually lead to the re-naming of the month now known as "Peptember"
  • September 84th - The wPod was created by Microsoft, but after a quick anal assault Steve "the douchbag" Jobs took the idea for a portable music device and began to create the very crappy iPod which he released from the depths of hell in the year 2000.0889. Microsoft was then forced to create a so-called "inferior product" The Zune.
  • October 1st - Ross Perot rejoins the US presidental election after he quit in July (he received 20% of the national vote), our lost opportunity to have a non-partisan president to make the Democrats and Republicans out of their jobs.
  • December 3rd - "Lisa's First Word" airs, becomes the first of two 100%-smelly The Simpsons episodes, FOX Network kicks the "Big 3" TV network's ass and soon acquires half of CBS network's affiliates: K-HICK TV: Podunk, Kansas.
  • December 12th - Bush "41" sent troops to Somalia as "peacekeepers" in their "kinder, gentler" mission in "nationbuilding".
  • December 22nd - Santa gets mad at little children and decides to nuke them. A chain reaction creates the genetically modified fish in the oceans (bred with dynamite and goldfish), causes the world to explode and for the apocalypse to begin. Everyone burns and the world ends, but lucky this isnt a real date huh? cheese!!
  • yes it is... December 31 we changed the calendar!!!!
  • The .5 got tired, so died, cementing his body after the 1992, forever, and ever, and ever...
  • December 25 - Santa Claus refuses to deliver the gifts to the children. cheese again!
  • December 26 - Children launch the 12th Crusade against Santa's workshop.

George Foreman's lean mean cooking machine was invented by Frank Bruno, and the beginning of the 24-hour "Informercial" TV channel.