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The year 1999 AD was noticeable for being the last year to contain a "1" at the beginning and three "9"s at the end, since 1999 BC. It was also noticeable because if you turned it upside down you could make 6661, which as we all know is the Number of the Devil (multiplied by 10, and adding 1). It was also the last year of the 2nd millenium, and is therefore known technically as an "almost-year", and it's the only year with only 4 months.

The United Nations designated 1999 as the "International Year of Older Persons", whilst Somalia called it the "International Year of Older Pirates".

Official poster of 1999.



  • January 1 - The Euro currency is introduced. This enables many countries within Europe to trade easily, and saves the immigrants lots of time. It also forces many high street currency converters out of business. The United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway refuse to join, just because they are very difficult.
  • January 5 - Dick Cheney got stuck to his kitchen floor.
  • January 18 - Jeffrey Phillips of Hoboken, New Jersey suddenly understands the big deal about The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Gatomon and patamon are born and live till the end of time.

February & March[edit]

  • No one bother having these months, so the government took months February & March off the calender.



  • May 1 - Spongebob Squarepants aired on TV for the first time.
  • May 5 - The second edition of Windows 98 was released.
  • May 19 - Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace happened and halved the human population. 3/4 entirely Jar Jar Binks' Fault, the rest was a result of an angry mob formed by thousands of fan-boys having their dreams killed, raped, then flogged.
  • The end of the hit series Beast Wars, start of the series Get your anus out of my mouth
  • May 21 - Prince sues the year

Party like it's 1999[edit]

The months June, July, August, September, October, November, and December is renamed "Party like it's 1999"

  • Day 1 - The party was declared open.
  • Day 53-55 - It was 1969 again for 3 days
  • Day 207 - Santa Claus got arrested from a DUI.
  • Day 208 - Christmas was canceled while Santa Claus was in jail.
  • Day 214 at 11:59:59 PM - A Party crasher name Officer 2000 crashed the party, to make matters worst, he arrested and executed 1999 and started year 2000 which was named after him.