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Brief Introduction[edit]

2-Dimensional universe(s) or Two-Dimensional world(s) are the recapitulative appellation to those multiverses parallel to the universe we are living in. In fact "2-Dimensional" is an inaccurate adjective. Those multiverses also have "X" axis (length), "Y" axis (width), "Z"axis (height) just same as our universe (that's why we refer our universe as 3-Dimensional universe) but because all of our knowledge about those parallel multiverses come from characters and pictures such as novel, games, anime, comic, movies, etc. which only have "X" axis and "Y" axis, so we employed "2-Dimensional universes" as the general appellation.

There's not only one 2-Dimensional universe, but many of them. Everyday, new parallel multiverses are being discovered by our scientists. So when we refer a certain 2-Dimensional universe, we always add an attribute, e.g. "The Universe of Star Wars", "The Universe of Star Trek", "The Universe of Gundam", "The Universe of Command & Conquer", "The Universe of Transformers" etc.

Our scientists are working hard to study these multiverses, but so far, knowledge about 2-Dimensional universes acquired by us is still miserable poor.

Our Current General Comprehension about 2-Dimensional universe(s)[edit]

  • Between those 2-Dimensional universes and our universe, most of the astronomical, geographical and political objects and entities have their counterparts, e.g. Earth, Pacific Ocean, United Nations, United States, Poland, Beijing, Communist Party, etc. but there may be slight or huge differences in various factors between these equivalents' from different multi-verses.
  • The most familiar and dominant species in the majority of 2-Dimensional universes are also "human". But those species are consisted by humankind and other humanoid creatures like angels, demons, elves, aliens, cyborgs etc. and their mixed-bloods, since it's very common that a family consisted by various sub-species in 2-Dimensional universes.
  • Most of the 2-Dimensional universes have the similar history lines as our universe, and most of the remarkable historic events are same as ours. But for the historic figures, although most of them can find equivalents in other multiverses, however they may have differences in gender, nationality, species, etc. For example Einstein's counterpart in another multiverse may be a little girl or non-humanoid species.
  • The time progresses in most of the 2-Dimensional universes are generally same as ours (21st century), but some of them may have gaps of 10 to more than 10000 years.
  • Compare with us, human or humanoid in 2-Dimensional universes are more, much much more advanced in almost every factor. Such as physical strength, intelligence, morality, etc. And they are generally longevous, some of them even can be ETERNAL, and NEVER get aged on all the physical factors including face, shape, strength, etc.
  • Few basic scientific laws in 2-Dimensional universes may be different. Combine with the previous phenomenon, the Tech-level in most of 2-Dimensional universes are far more advanced than ours. Especially in those factors like military, bio-engineering, hyper-AI and cybernization, anti-gravity propulsion, teleportation, inter-star system colonization, hyper-cold fusion, anti-mass generator, etc. Even capable to revive dead.
  • Public security in most of 2-Dimensional universes are better than us. And their laws show more "humanism" considerably. For example competent teenagers are allowed to have licence to kill or be charged as senior government officers, some murderers or other types of criminals won't be accused under some certain conditions.
  • More than 90% of soldiers, pilots and junior military officers are clones in most of 2-Dimensional universes since cloning technology is widely considered legal. So the scales of armies in 2-Dimensional universes are much much larger.
  • For reasons unknown to us, it's correspondingly easy for those 2-Dimensional universes to establish inter-universal channels between each other. But its very difficult to set up an inter-universal channels to our universe.

Relationship between 2-Dimensional universes and 3-Dimensional universe[edit]

Althrough most of the 2-Dimensional universes have technologies far more advanced than us, but since all people in 2-Dimensional universes know people in 3-Dimensional universe are inherent evil, to prevent us using their state-of-the-art technologies for military purposes and eradicating ourself, all the 2-Dimensional universes forbid technical trade to our universe.

So far, the only known economic connection between 2-Dimensional universes and 3-Dimensional universe is people in 2-Dimensional universes record their remarkable (or non-remarkable) events and stories in scenarios then sell them to companies in our universe to make novel, games, anime, comic, movies, etc. in return of resources they demand. This may explain why resources in our universe are being exhausted so rapidly and why there are more and more Babel-Class engineering achievements in 2-Dimensional universes such as the Death Star.

Recently, due to the sharply increasing environmental, economic, political problems and crises in 3-Dimensional universe, more and more people in our universe are desperately attempting to flee to 2-Dimensional universes. However, their chances are slim since few people in 2-Dimensional universes are willing to accept emigration from 3-Dimensional universe due to our inherent evil essential.

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