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2001 is a stupid year as we at Uncyclopedia are concerned.


2001 is pronounced "zool".

General Events[edit]

The dividing line between Before and After.

In the mid-to-late 20th Century it was widely (and somewhat optimistically) believed that by 2001 we would all be being served vitamin-enriched breakfast-flavour capsules by shiny and obedient housekeeping robots and have flying air-powerered rocket cars parked in the driveway. Our children would learn through a kind of 'knowledge osmosis', by plugging themselves into an automated teacher-bot in a virtual holographic environment. We would be able to breathe underwater simply by popping an 'air-pill' before diving into the ocean and swimming to previously unchartered depths.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us that in 2001 we were really all eating the same old shit for breakfast, being served by the same miserable cow down the greasy caff who couldn't actually afford to keep her fuel-shafting car on the road anyway. The roads themselves having trouble dealing with the numbers of cars on them and are collapsing into old, disused mineshafts. We were inventing syndromes called things like ADHD to excuse the fact that all our children were turning into stupid, horrible and annoying little bastards with no redeeming qualities to speak of. And, of course, idiots were thinking up stupid ways to demolish skyscrapers.


  1. Consisted of September 11th and 364 other days.
  2. Was perhaps the greatest movie of all time.
  3. Nothing special.
  4. Communistpedia existes.

Other Events[edit]

  • 2000 is officially declared dead at 12.00am and 1 second on January 1st, 2001.
  • A caveman threw a bone into the air and it turned into a spaceship. 15% of non-stoned viewers decided to turn off the film at this point. Those who didn't wished that they had.
  • Microsoft announces a patch to solve the dark-matter problem which would be ready by the end of the year. However the programmers later slacked off and at the last minute decided to produce Halo instead.
  • The futuristic computers featured were way obsolete by the year 2001.
  • Is Adam Sandler's first film, in a dual role as a monkey and that resurrected baby (at least that's what I think iit was).
  • 2001 was the year of Linux on the desktop.
  • OJ Simpson's became the official spokesman of kitchenaid, knife producing company.
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks after 4 years in existence won the world series against the sports record legend post 9-11 New York Yankees. oh wow o.O
  • The National Jenga Tournament is initiated In New York on September 11. Team Al Quaida wins the tournament

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