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Represented here are the time periods from 2000AD to 2099AD.

The year 2002 was unremarkable apart from the following facts:


British auto manufactures introduce the latest in British automotive technology.
  • 2001 was declared dead officially at 12:00am and 1 second on January 1, 2002.
  • It contained a pallindromic date in the form of the twentieth of february. (Note that this doesn't work if you use the American date format MM-DD-YYYY)
  • The Gee Bee Jazz Foundation ends its final tour playing at the Reading Festival before disbanding.
  • Albus Dumbledore was released from jail following his 50-year stint for murdering the Orient Express.
  • Communism collapsed for the fifth time, this time in Equatorial Guinea when an ongoing toenail shortage resulted in a popular uprising led by the son of Margaret Thatcher.
  • The U.S. Kitten Embargo begins as part of The War Against Terror.
  • The year 2002 was actually scheduled to contain the Apocalypse, but arrangements fell through and God recently declared that he "had it pencilled in for some time in 2005, maybe just after Oktoberfest".
  • The devil remodeled Hell, chosing a darker shade of red on the walls, changing the lighting, and taking out the free drinks, quality food, and recreational activities that were in Hell.
  • If you wore a double-breasted suit in this time, you were an old dick.
  • The people of Lego started a colony on an icy planet.
  • Aliens invade the world but are defeated when it is discovered they are allergic to water
  • Layne Staley was found murdered with various needles by Kurt Cobain's soul. Revenge was taken 5 months later when Staley summoned a stampede of frogs and roosters to destroy Cobain.
  • Rivaldo Given an Award for best actor in World Cup for staging an injury on the sideline while takin a corner. (And winning player of the tournament)
  • 2002 was the year of Linux on the desktop.
  • Crisis of Aborted Births occurs. Gene Hackman becomes God.
  • 2002 sadly passes away on January 1, 2003 at 1 second after midnight.


She is one of them!!

A 2002 survey showed that 87% of girls who wore diapers got more dates than those that only wore panties. Furthermore, 100% of the girls that wore diapers claimed that they felt a lot more comfortable and sexier than in panties. It is also important to show that men were included in the survey as well, although not many men admitted to diaper-wearing, but this may have been due to their difficulty admitting to much of anything, due to being engaged in masticating their pacifiers.

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