2008 Daniel Day-Lewis-Sean Penn Incident

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Penn being restrained by local police.

On February 3, 2008, at the Third Annual Oil-Based Movies Award, at 11:37pm PDT actors Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn allegedly became involved in a brutal and intense exchange of words and sneers. The incident lasted until about 11:39pm PDT, and both actors were promptly arrested, and charged with assault. As of February 9, 2008, they are still awaiting trial.


During the after-party for the Third Annual Oil-Based Movies Award, Penn allegedly greeted Day-Lewis and his wife, Rebecca Miller. He congratulated him on winning his award for Best Actor for an Oil-Based Movie, There Will Be Blood, after being thanked by Day-Lewis, Penn made an off-hand remark that he found it amazing that someone from Ireland could play someone smart and hard-working. This reportedly enraged Day-Lewis, who (according to nearby sources) called Penn "...an actor whose use of subtleties is far outweighed by his use of mannerisms."

At this point, 27 seconds had passed, and Penn, apparently lost for a comeback, reportedly started to growl and make fart noises, (which he claimed were mockings of Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood). He then began to bob his head up and down while making a clucking noise. Day-Lewis then proceeded to callously ask Penn "if he were a chicken." Enraged, Penn reportedly spit on the seat Day-Lewis was currently seated on, and laughed for another 9 seconds. For the next 35 seconds until the police arrived, they allegedly were pushing their hands into the bean dip and quoting Che.

Arrest and leaked report[edit]

They were both promptly arrested at 11:41, by the LAPD SWAT team, and were released under a bail of two Academy Awards.

Three days later, a video of the brawl, allegedly taken by that one guy from Caddyshack with the hat, who was waiting tables, was released to TMZ.com, who also found the police report (written on a cocktail napkin).


Day-Lewis and Penn, respectively each gave written apologies and sent them to Seventeen magazine. However, they got the zip code wrong and are now both in the possession of Dr. Kenneth Bradley, a dentist from Nebraska whose favorite movie is Rush Hour 2.