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Illuminati Document 28599


As our organization nears achieving its final aims, we must step back.
A record of all that we have struggled for much be maintained.
We work in the shadows, but we must not be forgotten.
The quiet of Critter Country allows me the quiet contemplation necessary for this work.



1556 Íñigo López de Loyola (Ignatius of Loyola) arrives in the New World
-- Our agents fake his death in Rome
-- Ignatius’ mission: create a foothold for our brethren in the New World
-- The Ancients of Mu had become powerful in the Old World
-- Our best chances were to make a stand in the Spanish colonies
1558 Ignatius, under the guise of Wahtehdausnee, comes to present-day California
-- Contact with the five founding members of the Disneyland Confederation established
-- Opportunity to experiment in the creation of a new social order among the New World savages
1559 Disneyland Confederation formed
1587 Roanoke settlement established in New World
-- New World had become priority for our brethren
-- Needed a base to control trans-Atlantic trade; Disneyland Confederation too far away
-- From Roanoke, our brethren went on to Castaway Cay and established the new base
-- Pirates of Caribbean thus established
1766 Nuolora become sixth nation of Disneyland
1772 Beár become seventh nation of Disneyland
1793 Tún become eighth nation of Disneyland
1848 In Treaty of Guadalupe, California becomes US territory
-- Disneyland Confederation displaced
-- Brethren seek new headquarters
1849 New Illuminati headquarters established in Trenton, New Jersey
1851 Gracey family gains control of Nuolora land within Disneyland territories
1890 William Gracey, Jr. builds the Gracey Estate (aka Haunted Mansion)
1938 Ancient of Mu agent Wernher von Braun begins research in soul extraction and refining
1945 Wernher von Braun defects and joins the cause of our brethren
1947 Illuminati capture alien technology in New Mexico
-- New path to meeting our aims is seen
-- Technology from the UFO needed decades of study however
1948 Our brethren determine that Trenton base is too public and conspicuous
-- New base required to continue von Braun’s research
-- New 100-year plan created. Phase I initiated
1954 Our agents in the US State Department set in motion new movement on Disneyland
1955 Treaty of Corporation creates new independent Disneyland state
-- Our brethren begin to execute plan to make Disneyland into our new base of operations
-- Pirates of the Caribbean attack Disney trade as part of the plan
1956 Mickey Mouse the Great rises to power
-- Pirates of the Caribbean “surrender” to Disneyland; combine their personnel with ours
-- The Mouse is pliable and useful to our needs
-- His foolish megalomaniacal projects are useful cover for aims
-- Mickey Mouse opens Mauschwitz detention center; our agents convert Mauschwitz to suit our needs
-- Wernher von Braun brought to Tomorrow land ostensibly for weapons research
-- Our agents smuggle UFO artifacts into Matterhorn tunnels
-- Our brethren release little bits of the alien technology as weapons research; this satisfies Mouse
-- Wernher von Braun continues real research
1957 Creation of Jungle Cruise in Vietnam to being field testing von Braun’s research
1963 Gracey Estate (Haunted Mansion) begins to be converted into facility for refining souls
1967 Brethren decide that Mickey Mouse the Great may be liability
-- Our agents begin Pirate Liberation Organization as front to remove Mouse
-- Our agents in the guise of the PLO stage attacks that weaken the Mouse
1970 Refinery at Gracey Estate begins operation
-- Mickey Mouse the Great is eliminated through use of rat poison embedded in cheese
-- Donald Duck is wild card; our brethren remove him from power by engineering student protests
-- Great Council is established as front for our aims
1971 Mickey Mouse League is established as we construct global framework for our aims
-- “Closing” of Mauschwitz; soul extraction is more efficient, so we don’t need as many prisoners
1973 Jungle Cruise in Vietnam Adventure is closed down
-- Additional field work can be conducted at Jungle Cruise in Disneyland
-- Preliminary work on Space Mountain bliss generators begins
1975 Space Mountain bliss field begins operation
-- Space Mountain efficiency at 99.97% weekly (3 souls for the happiness of 10,000 for a week)
1983 New base in Japan established via the Mickey Mouse League
-- At each base, facilities for soul extraction, refinement are built
-- Replicas of Space Mountain house bliss field generators
1985 Construction on global bliss generators at Castaway Cay begins
1987 Mickey Mouse League adopts common currency
-- Disney Dollar has chip that allows our brethren to track potential soul extraction material
-- Best candidates for soul extraction processed at Mauschwitz
1992 New base in France is established under the cover of the Mickey Mouse League
1993 As global operations expand, need for tighter controls in Disneyland become necessary
1994 PLO stages attack on Skyway, yields desired effect
1995 PLO attack on PeopleMover more fruitful.
-- Use PeopleMover at night to move equipment
2005 New base in Hong Kong is established
2012 December 23 set as the date for the culmination of what we desire

I keep this record in the promise of the Light.

--Agent 327
June 17, 2005