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A rather late age to discover that one is gay. Approx. 95 in gay years. Coincidentally, 37 is one of the Gay Numbers.

Mathematical properties[edit]

37 is the most special number in the Universe. First of all, it is a prime number. It's made of two digits, 3 and 7, which also are prime numbers. Isn't that an amazing coincidence? But wait! There's more! If you multiply 37 with both of its digits, that is, 37*3*7, you get the number 777. That is a row of three sevens, that is, 3 7s. You see it? The number 37 again!

Pop Culture Significance[edit]

The number 37 played a significant role in Kevin Smith's breakout film Clerks.

Dante:"37! My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!" Randall:"In a row?"


A 1998 Zogby poll asked a random sample of exactly 2,500 U.S. residents to "name a random number." Amazingly, 61% of those surveyed chose 37, making it the most random number in America. Other numbers receiving at least 5% of the vote were 73, 87 and 43. Nobody chose the cube root of 2.815017, surprisingly.