3 iepurashi

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“Is that anything like The Three Bishes?”

The 3 iepurashi (three little rabbits) are spirits of mighty warriors that lived in Bucovina in the Middle Ages. They were also known as Within Temptation, but they changed their name into Bunica-miu care adoarme (My Dying Bride), and finally changed their name back into 3 iepurashi. The people of Bucovina, mostly those who inhabit the Santa-Fe region, pray to these spirits for help. Once in Bucovina, you may hear "Vreau 3 iepurashi care sa-mi care bagajele A-CUUM"( Oh, mighty rabbits, send blessings upon us) or "Vrei sa trimit 3 iepurashi la tine sa-ti dea macel? Cu bestialitate?"(Oh, mighty rabbits, hide me from the Enemy!). People that believe in the 3 iepurashi are considered pagans by Wallachians. But nobody gives a ratt's behind about what Wallachians think.