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“I can't count that high”

~ Tamia

47 is all around us. It flows in our veins and courses through our bodies. 47 is considered by many, including those of the Roman Catholic faith, to be the root of all evil, the spawn of original sin. It has been confirmed by sources in the Vatican that the serpent which tempted eve to take the fruit from the forbidden tree had a pattern of 47 diamonds along its abnormal length.

The number 47 instils violence in all who encounter it. In Mark 14: 47 an unfortunate servant of the high priests of Judaism who come to arrest Jesus after his betrayal, an event leading to his crucifixion, has his ear cut from his head by the sword of a disciple of Jesus (generally accepted to be Simon-Peter, at the time 47 years old and prone to aggression even under the calming influence of Jesus’ divinity).

The AK-47 (derived from the Russian Автомат Калашникова образца 1947 года) is a gas-operated assault rifle used in the Cold-war and often thought of by many as the most dangerous firearm in existence due to its availability and relative cheap design. In reflection of its evil nature most advanced cultures have placed comprehensive laws banning the use of the weapon and any variants of it. The AK-47 is a favourite weapon for instilling terror and pain in entire nations and is now most commonly used by the أنت الآن خان terrorist organisation (loosely translated as “now you’re fucked”).

there is also another clue to the 47 mystery. In the game hitman, the name of the included hitman is called "agent 47" coincidence?? I think not.

The 47 Society[edit]

There is now a group of sad, underachieving individuals who didn’t get enough pussy at school who call themselves the “47 society”. They have spent much of their free time studying the phenomenon that is the number 47 instead of developing a social life and getting some mates.

A Series of Unfortunate Events[edit]

Anyway this leads me neatly onto the A470 which runs through the vicinity of Merthyrtydfil (no jokes that’s the town name) where a heap of slag on a nearby mountain collapsed. Half a million tons of coal tumbled towards the unfortunate township. It flattened the local primary school, killing a total of 144 people including 116 children aged between 7 and 10.

The American Independence also finds its roots in the number 47. American independence is celebrated on the 4th of July (in other words 04/07) and the booklet that suggested this independence was 47 pages long. Although it may not be presently apparent the American free-government is sunk in an evil history.

The 47th monarch of Great Britain was Queen Mary, the last of the Stuarts. Mary’s unlucky number led to some very traumatic experiences in her life. For example she had 14 children, each and every one of which died.

Dylan Thomas and 47[edit]

Page 47 of Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milk Wood” contains the quote “First Woman- ‘got a man in Builth Wells’. Sheet 147 of the Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain shows the area of Builth Wells! Coincidence… I think not. Also the area around Builth Wells is marked with no less than 13 bold red markers proclaiming the area to be a “Danger Area”. This leads me to the logical explanation that the power of evil has its head-quarters in the Builth Wells area and that Dylan Thomas is trying to alert us to the presence of this evil and the nature of the number 47.

The Agents of Evil[edit]

On page 47 of the “Nation’s Favourite Comic Poems” edited by Griff Rhys Jones is the poem “Hunter’s Trials” by Sir John Betjeman. In this poem, Sir John describes discretely the death of Princess Diana. Quotes alluding to the tragedy include: --“it’s awf’lly bad luck on Diana” --“Her withers got tied in a noose” -- “She’s practically certain to swerve”--“she threw me in front of the judges and my silly old collarbone’s bust”. This last quote clearly refers to the Prince of Wales being dragged into a long investigation and also an accident he had playing polo in which he broke his collarbone. These hints may not seem too amazing until you take into account that Sir John Betjeman died in 1984, 13 years before the death of Princess Di and Dodi Alfayed.


The information in this document leads me to the conclusion that there is an organisation led by a being that transcends time and space (presumably the devil/ other malignant spirit/ djinn / nymph / Dave Grohl ) which resides in Builth Wells. It is clear that this organisation uses agents such as Sir John to spread the number 47 which has caused grief and chaos throughout the history of the universe. Dylan Thomas was the only one who knew of this evil and tried to alert us to its presence and the nature of 47 in his literature. He died an early death at the age of 39, presumably taken out in a Goodfellas style drive-by by the evil powers which he chose to oppose.

Alternative theories suggest that the whole topic of 47 and its continuous appearance is just a huge inter-galactic hoax thought up by Stephen Hawking to get society back for his life-time disability and bitter imprisonment inside a barely functioning body. Poor bastard.