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One of the many scenes in the year 666 people are also believed to become block shaped and have holes in their feet. Strange but that's what scientists say!

“I can't count that high”

~ Tamia

6666 AD will be the year when the monkies evolve enough to begin the worshipping of the AntiChrist. They will summon Satan and the world will end.

Another theory is that all the world's oil will run out by then, and everything will go crazy and kill off humans.

Deciding dates[edit]

Originally Satan wanted to take over the world on 0 AD. Sadly God also wanted to bring his son into the world and thus created war between heaven and hell! The war lasted for 1 year until God invoked a power that had been created since the dawn of time, dibs. Enraged by the fact that he had been beaten, Satan swore revenge and decreed that his time would come on the year 666. This had mathematicians around the universe baffled. Satan was know to be a great mathematician and his choice of 666 seem totally ridicule's, he could have chose a perfect number like 496 or 8128. But no he chose 666. In any case a few years before the year 666 AD Satan ran into financial problems (it is believed this is because of porn) and was forced to postpone the date to 6666AD. Again mathematicians were baffled. 6666 is a ridicule's number, i mean why not 9999 seen as 9 is a far better number than 6, or perhaps 1313 as the number 13 is supposed to be unlucky. But no it was 6666.

Ecological effect[edit]

Not very good. What with the fire and all the atmosphere will take a serious hit from greenhouse gasses. Al Gore has quoted on the situation: Wtf do i care ill be dead. Comforting words from the man who invented the environment. The President of America has blamed the situation on Europeans, The leaders of the EU have likewise Blamed the situation on America. At the UN today the president of China has proposed a strategy on how to deal with the problem of Satan when he arrives. But nobody really cares because they can understand him.

I havent a clue what this has to do with 6666 I just thought the clown was really funny!