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“A familiar number!”

Although 69 is most often referred to as "Fun for everyone" it is also the title of a recently produced movie, as well as the number everyone is thinking of. The producer, Steve Jobs had this to say: "We make-a it betta then how you say it...., the I-pid No-No." (I-pid No-No 20 Bites) The story is supposedly a sequel to the epic movie "23" However, it can't be that good because the main actor is Bruce Almighty. Bruce is known for his most infamous book "A Tale of Two Cities" By:Charles Dickinson. The movie revolves around a sudden twist of fate when Bruce lays down with his girlfriend for supper. Suddenly his "meal" turns into a sucubus that condems him to eternal suffering under the #69.

A sad girl that won't be able to 69 tonight.

Often considered "dinner for two," 69 consists of two individuals going out to McDonalds, coming home, and falling asleep on the couch.

It's traditional to let others know beforehand that you and your lover intend on executing a 69 during that night. McDonald's staff typically hands out doggie biscuits to those that announce their plans.

You likey make-a skeet skeet? Mmmmmmmmm.....Cock.....

Also can be modified by using "Hot Coffee" to ease the throat and mind for sleep. but beware, ye jusers of these hot coffee products... the dogs or other vicious creatures must be sleeping outside when ye be concocting your beforehand thought plans...

Macdonald thoroughly acknowledge this act and will now include coupons such as "Two can dine for $34.50 each" in their coupon booklets.

Inserting two fingers into the buns of your partner's burger makes this activity a "71".

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