6th day

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God was happy with his creation. He'd done quite a bit of work by the 5th day, and was tempted to rest after that. 'No' he said to himself though, 'I'll rest on the 7th day, I'll probably be more tired by then'. On the 6th day he tried to create the perfect being, unfortunately He buggered it up. Instead of creating the 7 legged ant-lion-hydra-scylla, He created man, a nutter known as Adam. Although man was much more boring than a 7 legged ant-lion-hydra-scylla, he made up for it in sheer psychosis. Man ripped one of his own ribs out, and proceeded to copulate with it. The rib was called Eve, and children were born, birthed by a rib. This all happened while God turned his back, it had got to the 7th day and God wanted to masturbate, as he was feeling frustrated. This allowed the plague of inbred humanity to spawn and populate Gods wonderful creation. Considering the sometimes accepted view of the creation myth, that each 'day' was a massive span of time, it is hypotheised that God has only just stopped his masturbation, from the 'day' of rest. Now God has turned and seen that 'man' has completely screwed his nice green planet. It's alll covered with grey and smog. To compound matters, God see's that man has written a book of lies about Him. Supposedly he had a bastard son, but God couldn't remember ever shagging any humans, so His divine wrath was growing. God decided that man needed to be taught a lesson, and so created a maleovolent force to do His will. God created George Bush. Figurehead a a terrorist state that would do God's will by destroying as many other states as possible. God was dissapointed that only a Gulf War came of it, and so created an improved model, with half the intelligence and double the interbreeding. George Bush Jr. God was pleased with what he had done, and sat back to watch (and masturbate)