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7.62SQ is a international Squad thats fighting against rebels in Indionesia. It was started in 2004 by a freaky Belgian called Neal. The squad have many kind of people from weed smoking englishmen to very angry Slovenians.


  • Neal (the leader) have a splitted mind and have been on psychiatric hospital from he was

eleven to he got twenty years old. He likes to call himself Freak or Veronica.

  • The Lieutenant General is Bradzzz.

He kick the asses of the rebels. He was in another squad in Columbia but he got kicked out because he stole two kilo Marihuana from the USA's great Weed factory.

  • Fox is the Morphine supplier to the squad. If anyone get a cut in their finger

or is beginning to loose hair he will always be there with some good shit for you.

  • Prophet is the uniform designer of the squad. If anyone gets a cut in their uniform he

will always be there fixing it so you can get out in the battle again.

  • Crunch another member of the suad. He is a retired stripper.

He was tired of dancing for horny girls so he joined the squad.

  • Doc D.J. Was taking as hostage by Saddams army in the gulf war. They found him in a tunnel underground in 2004 and they felt sorry for him so they asked him to join the squad.
  • Vixen and Dog were two wild hippies before they joined the squad. They were asked to join after they got the world record in hanggliding when they flied from South Africa to India.
  • Hustla has a past as a caveman. He was expert in captureing eagles with his hands, but one day a bear bite him in the ass so he could not walk. After a time he starved, and he got saved just before he died by 7.62SQ.
  • Sasuke was a real Pokemon Fan. He spent all his youth (and money) watching (and buying Pokemon stuff) pokemon, but one day he found out that the pokemon was not real. He got so angry that he wanted to kill all the Asians because they made Pokemon.
  • Ivan Drago was a Professional Boxer. One day he fighted against a Lesbian girl with moustache and lost. After that he joined the squad so he could earn money and get a free ticket away form


  • Viper was working in the american army until he confessed that it was he that Hang up all the pictures of the comitern flag at the white house. He also pissed over the seats in some F16 planes.
  • Sayeret did also work in the army. He got kicked out after switching out oil with coke in the aircrafts.
  • Dr.K is an old slovenian muslim. One night after a dose with

Lsd he suddenly saw satan standing before him. After that he became a satanist.

  • Hitman, McKnight, Oxygen and Masskilla was working as taxidrivers in Somalia. They gave up and joined the squad.
  • Wroyliem aka boylie and Capt. JeffLiem is the music creator of the squad.

So if you see anyone walking around with laptop and carrying soundspeakers on they back in the deep jungle of Indionesia, it's probably them.

This is just some of them, it's many more.