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86 is the most evil number of all time, 13 being mostly misunderstood. 86 has been attributed to the most evil people and events in history, although very little people seem to be aware.


The Romans, while writing what would soon be the complete set of numbers, ran into a crossroads when deciding what to call the number after 85. Some suggested to do exactly the same thing as the other numbers before it, while others suggested otherwise. After 4 years of political strife an economic turmoil (mostly because their number system only went up to 85), the term "86" was employed. At the instant this decision was made however, the entire council of Romans was destroyed. The other Romans, believing this was an omen, denounced the number 86, calling it "evil". The word "coincidence" was invented a day later. The word "irony" was invented a day after that.


Why is the number 86 evil? See for yourself:

  • Rome wasn't built in a day; it was built in 86 days
  • 86 is the number of moles on George W. Bush's left thigh
  • If thrown properly, you can kill 86 birds with one stone
  • 86 is the number of bones in the human penis
  • 86 is the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
  • Black #86 is the color of Hitler's moustache wax
  • Pi is exactly 86
  • 86 is a sex position consisting of a man and two squirrels positioned perpendicular to his rectum
  • Satan has 86 STDs
  • Hudson Leick has 86 sex slaves locked in her basement
  • Your mom is 86
  • Bill Murray has murdered 86 women in his lifetime.
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