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1 is the simplest, loneliest number you will ever find. It was once strong and mighty and was an Intersex Highway. Oh my gosh! What happened to the poor 1? Everyone has seen this nasty number. It’s used by every number. Some may call “one” the whore of the number world. As if numbers weren’t evil enough number “one” is like there poster boy. Why is number “one” such a dirty slut you may ask? Isn’t it obvious? “One” is a multiple of every number. It’s a positive number (or at least that’s what they want you to think)but is a multiple of every negative number. How could “one” number be part of every other number? BLACK MAGIC. That’s right, black magic. Throughout history there is evidence that “one” was a witch. It was known well in the south as “The Single Devil”. People would hide their children in fear of “one” for if it were to get its hands on their children it would surely use them for sacrifice. “I seen it wit my own eyes” said a man I found from the south United States. “It took my baby away from me! It was dressed as a Police Officer and came in a spaceship with red and blue lights on the top.” The number one comes in many forms. Some are the most common are addition and subtraction. These are its tools of destruction. The mind numbing effects of adding two things together is just unfathomably evil. Make sure to be ready because the number “one” can appear any time. It could be in a book, hiding in your basement it could even already be in control of you! Make sure to listen to the local news so you know when the number “one” is attacking!

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Pie: That delicious number you can eat.



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