99 Luftballons

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99 Luftballons was created by Nostradomus and performed by the German group Nena. It's meaning is still unknown, as it is sung in the incomprehensible, dead language German. Certain people claim to have translated the song, and the best translation is still acreddited to the great writer Anonymous.

What is known:[edit]

What it did[edit]

This song made people become slaves of Nena, forcing them to buy the bands albums. However, the spell lifted itself off, while others willingly listened. It is blamed for the most Deaths (after Cars, Jesus, America, McDonald's, Windows, and Kitten Huffing). A new version, on the album 20 Jahre Nena, a complete remake of some of the band's greatest hits, took Germany by storm, as did the song Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (New Version), a duest with Kim Wilde.


As it turns out, no they're not. So there.

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