A.I.S.J. Circle of Trust

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The A.I.S.J. Circle of Trust was founded on September 13, 2006, in A.I.S.J. It has 5 founding members. Since then the Circle has grown to more than 10.

The Circle was created during Mission Block on September 13, 2006. Its founding members had no work to do during this class, and started talking. As time went by, the members decided to create their own club, the Circle of Trust. The aim of the Circle of Trust is to grow in size, and that all its members can express how they feel about each other, without other people getting mad. The 5 members created a set of rules to join and leave the Circle,

The Trust Rules were created to control the characteristics of the new members. The main rule is: no member can shave his/her legs. This is only a temporal rule, to limit the amount of girls while the Circle expands with guys. Once almost every guy joins the Circle of Trust, this rule will be removed to allow girls into the Circle. The reason why the Circle wants to expand first through boys and then through girls has not yet been informed. Other criteria also exists to control the people who join the Circle of Trust. Once an applicant meets the criteria, the speaker of the Circle asks the members if they trust the applicant. If 66% of the members trust him/her, he/she is officially a member. Once a member, one will always be a member unless he/she is kicked out. To get kicked out of the Circle, a member has to say "I don't trust (name of member wishing to kick out)", then, the speaker will ask the other members who don't trust the member in quetion, and if 51% of the members respond "I don't trust (name of member wishing to kick out)", the member is kicked out. However, a kicked member can still re-join the Circle if he/she follows the Trust Rules.

The Circle of Trust is becoming rapidly popular, and it has duplicated in members since its creation. Due to this expansion, the founding member created the Circle of Trust Council, or C.T.C. The C.T.C. members are the founding members, and their leader is the speaker of the Circle. The purpose of the C.T.C. is to start the meetings, and to keep the meetings impartial.