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The A604 or Ultradrive Was a 4 speed front wheel drive Transaxle built by Chrysler corporation For use with the 3.0 and 3.3L v6 engines. It is known for its notoriusly large Failure Rates and has an average Life expectancy of about 15,000 Miles. The most common application for this transaxle Was the Dodge Scaravan And Plymouth Voyager, The design was thought Up because chrysler wanted To build A revolutionary minivan that had 7 seats and weighed 3000lbs. with A transmission that was only designed to pull around the weight of a baby stroller.

The actual inventor of the Ultradrive A604 was the owner of a very large Towing company and He knew that this revolutionary device would create a huge boom In the towing industry, And it did. After Major recalls on the unit and A lawsuit from the national Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) Chrysler decided to do A complete redesign and change the name of the unit to 41TE.


The 1992 Redesign Included:

  • Thinner Bands for a shorter lifespan
  • Lack of cooling lines to allow the unit to overheat more
  • A computer to put the tranny In auto Fail Mode In case the unit was accidentally working properly
  • A dipstick which advised owners to add the wrong type of fluid
  • Cast Aluminum planetary gears for a more temporary feel
  • Seal-less design for extra leaking capabilty
  • Plastic]] park pin for more unexpected downhill vehicle roll