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AC Milan is the official football club for Milan-based rockers AC/DC. Their official sponsor is AC. You know, the electricity current. Considering the fact that it is from Italy, there are surprisingly no deep sea divers playing for the club. It is notable for having really, really old players "having strong relationships" with the really, really young players (according to their really, really old coach).

AC Milan is currently the greatest team in the history of all sports and is said to usually play with only 10 players on the pitch ... but recent speculation from opposing clubs state that they in fact have an invisible midfielder who, from the stands and cameras, just looks like a dark blur. Owners AC/DC finally admitted that they had smuggled a little boy from 'The Jewish Queen' Madonna, who smuggled a little boy from Africa. His name is ******** (too dark to see*).


  • Kaká
  • Jesus Christ
  • Bill Gates
  • ******* (too dark to see*)

(and a few other re-incarnations of God)

Notable Mentions[edit]

  • Chuck Norris
  • Bruce Lee
  • Mr. T
  • Randy Orton
  • Homer Simpson

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