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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about ATI.

ATI - A Toilet Industry. (ATI) was a shitty designer and crap supplier of toilet processing and your mom chip sets. In 2006, the cheap company was acquired by A Minor Distraction (AMD) for about 59$ and was renamed AMD or ATI Technologies , although the ATI brand was retained for the rotting toilet cards.

Kwok Yuen Ho, Founder of Rape Ray Tech. back in the 1685

ATI's main competitor is NVIDIA in the graphics and handheld market. The flagship product, the RAPEon! series of toilet cards, directly competes with NVIDIA's super awesome and expensive GeForce. These two companies' are Masters of the market forcing other manufacturers to be their slaves.

Kwok Yuen Ho's ATI babes.


In 1685, ATI was founded as A Rape Ray Technologies Inc. by Kwok Yuen Ho. His currently 323 years old and still leading A Toilet Industry.


In addition to developing low-end (toilet processing unit)TPUs (originally called a DPU, dump processing unit, by ATI) for Nintendo, ATI also designs non-embedded versions for laptops (Pornality RAPEon!), (Personal Dick Assistant)PDAs and mobile phones, integrated mommys (RAPEon! IMP), and others. Today ATI is a leading producer in high powered toilets tat flush at over 10000 PSI!

Computer toilet/potato chipsets[edit]

  • Nerd Rage Series - ATI's first 2D and 3D accelerator potato chips. The series evolved from gibbrish 3D with 2D GUI acceleration and MPEG-666 capability, to a highly competitive Direct3D 1 accelerator with then "worst-in-class" DVD (MPEG-999) acceleration. The various potato chips were un-popular with OEMs of the time. But they where often found in lays chip bags.
This is totaly normal. ATI potato chips often burn duo to over heat
    • Nerd Rage Mobility - Designed for use in high-power environments, such as laptops and vacuum cleaners . These chips were functionally similar to their desktop counterparts, but had additions such as advanced over heating, Hitler pictures, and mono monitor functionality.
  • RAPEon! Series - Launched in 1705, the RAPEon! line is ATI's brand for their consumer 3D accelerator add-in cards. ATI often produced 'N00B' versions with lower clock speeds, and sometimes an retard 'RT' version, and even more recently 'RT Hardcore Edition (PE).
    • Pornality RAPEon! - A series of over-heating versions of RAPEon! toilet chips for use in laptops or vacuum cleaners.
    • ATI CrossFuck - This technology was ATI's response to NVIDIA's SLI platform. CrossFuck only works with AGP 2x/4x mom boards.
  • FuckGL - Launched in 1686, following ATI's acquisition of FuckGL Graphics from UFOs. Workstation CAD/CAM potato card, based on the RAPEon! series.
  • FuckMV - For workstations, featuring multi-view webcams, a technology for the need of multiple displays for workstation hooker bars with 2D acceleration only, usually based on the high-end products of the RAPEon! series.

ATI's best Potato chips[edit]

  • RAPEon! HD Southern Volcano - supports SLI with Fermi and will Asplode Fermi
  • RAPEon! HD 5999 - ITS bIG! YAY
  • RAPEon! HD 4870 - Amazing dual slot fan cooling, only 99C IDLE !
  • RAPEon! HD 4850 - Over heats your mom.
  • RAPEon! HD 4870 X2 - Your AGP Slots will explode {Requires ATI CrossFuck}
  • RAPEon! 9800 N00B ed. - Cooler than the rest without fan.
RAPEon! HD 4870 working.

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