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Brain.gif WARNING!! This article causes severe suggestion. Don't read it. Don't.

The expression "AUGHH!" is the way people can visually transmit confusion (). It is also a very popular phrase in rock culture and music, used at random intervals in the conversation/song, which expresses the speaker's desire to break out from the limits of the theme at hand and explore new frontiers (most probably some hours later, with recreational drugs...). It is not to be confused with AGH or ACK or UUAGHHHAAUGGH!.


The wor..soun..eDxDpDrDeDsDsDiDoDnD..AUGHHHH WTF ARGHHH "AUGHH!" has no real origin, it has always been an invisible part of the vocabulary. It resurfaced in the 1960s with the beginnings of rock, and developed separately with the invention of the Net as a series of forums, as the classical expression of confusion (while grappling for the right word, possibly). In rock music, it's connotations are those of willingness to 'break out of the box' and change things, like a primeval scream rushing from inside, calling people back to the wild side of life. And very probably, it worked, because teens stopped being the nice boys, instead turning to break stuff, graffiti, take drugs, wild parties with lots of sex, breaking stuff, sex, sex, sex, pot, sex, Hef, drugs, drugs, sex, and even more se..of the like.

Modern Uses[edit]

"AUGHH!" is now used in the 'harder' rock genres as the traditional image of demonstrating the genre's roots, imitating Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and the other masters.

It is also very commonly used to visually (as in non-verbally) communicate a feeling of frustration. The watchamacallit is addictive if used even occasionally, and often uhm..(finishes?) in those stuff uuuhhhhhhhaaaarghhhh AAAAAUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oooh yeahh those uhm ARGHHHHWTFIJUSTHADITSTOPDISTRACTINGMEYOUS**OFAB*****MAN,*******G***H****T****J**QA**H**E! There. Apparently, anger relief can help diminish the symptoms caused, which can be:

  • Agraphia: Loss of ability to write;
  • Aphasia: Loss of ability to speak;
  • Amnesia: Loss of memory. (Both Anterograde and Retrograde);
  • Uneducated-ness: By forgetting words, you seem uneducated.
  • Anger.
  • De-evolution: Oh yeah. If your son has this, please go to a doctor.
  • Suggestion: The above are rare cases. However, just by reading this, you have been suggested to believe that these are happening. Not that they're not, your brain makes it real. I'm not kidding.
    It is also commonly used by (Windows users).

    From Personal Experience[edit]

    Just writing this article for the Boston Medical Journ.. it's not? What do you mean, it's not? Then who is it for? Uncyclopedia? You mean you think it's just a joke? Oh come on man..

    As I was saying, just writing this article caused me to realize that reading this causes suggestion. No, I was not joking. THIS IS SERIOUS. This is cause for a template- I'll make one now. Or use the State of Unconscious one. Meanwhile:


    Note by the Umbrella Corporation: Effects will stop after some time. Just read a bit.