A Month With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess

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A Month With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
Release Date July 25th, 2000
Recorded Mike Portnoy's Living Room, NY
Genre Instrumental
Length One Month
Label Nobody Cares
Producer(s) James LaBrie, Mike Portnoy, Scotty the Dog

The album, A Month With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, is quite unique in being recorded live. It was recorded in Mike Portnoy's living room, with them performing on his table. The crowd started off at about 10,000 but slowly detiorated with some fans wanting to sleep or eat. By about June 30th the crowd had been limited to about 100 with only hard drug users left.

Petrucci and Rudess had to improvise the tracks after June 15th due to a lack of actual songs they know. Some people describe the improvisation as some of their best music.

Track Listing[edit]

Disc One

  1. "Furia Taurina" – 10:10
  2. "Truth" – 9:48
  3. "Fife and Drum" – 9:30
  4. "State of Grace" – 5:45
  5. "Hang 11" – 11:38
  6. "From Within" – 5:21
  7. "The Rena Song" – 7:03
  8. "In the Moment" – 6:27
  9. "Black Ice" – 10:54
  10. "Bite of the Mosquito" – 1:53
  11. "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" (unreleased at the time) - 42:45

Disc Two

  1. Time Crunch – 6:30
  2. Screaming Head – 7:22
  3. Insects Among Us – 9:36
  4. Beyond Tomorrow – 9:59
  5. Bar Hopping With Mr. Picky – 4:39
  6. What Four – 6:53
  7. Ra – 7:56
  8. Tear Before The Rain – 6:36
  9. "Hunger" - 10:34
  10. "June 16th, hungry and tired" - 56:01
  11. "Fuck You america" - 26:01

Disc Three

  1. "Home" (extended) - 90:00

Disc Four

  1. "Piano Solo" - 90:00

Disc Five

  1. "Guitar Solo" - 90:00

Disc Six

  1. "Regret" - 45:00
  2. "Sleep" - 45:00

Tracks such as: "June 16th, Hungry and tired" and "Hunger" were improvised tracks, due to a lack of food and sleep. Every track past Disc Three is improvised, or a variation (such as "Home").


  • The song Fuck You America was dedicated to hitler and John Petrucci's Gandad named "Susan"
  • Jordan Rudess' grew another 5 fingers due to adaption to extreme keyboard playing.
  • John Petrucci grew another arm as part of his adaption
  • The two musicians managed to not die during the recording due to Rudess' time travelling piano
  • "Piano Solo" and "Guitar Solo" are the longest solo's ever recorded
  • Discs 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc. are not listed because they could not be bothered creating names anymore.
  • The Track "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" was unreleased at the time, but was able for performance due to Rudess' Time Travelling piano.
  • The track Aarganbaargan was not listed because of legal reasons.