A Wish for Wings

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A Wish for Wings is an unauthorized biography of a woman named Andrea Katsula who is half Japanese thanks to her biological father's 1337 pickup lines. It is not yet known if author Jenn Dolari will be facing a libel suit for taking the time away from disassembling a food processor and a Cisco server to take down notes when Andrea wasn't looking.

Andrea is a demented teenage girl who believes she's an angel. She has persistant hallucinations of a glowing bluish halo around her head, black things that are trying to take over the world, and parental affection.

She has a somatic condition that makes her feel stronger and healthier than she actually is, and envisions that she is studying shepardry so as to have a flock to attend to.

Main Characters[edit]

Andrea Katsula[edit]

AWFW Andrea Williamson.png

Andrea lives with Mommy Dearest in a big mansion they can't maintain after paying the stratospheric property taxes for in Avery Label, Texas. After Mommy Dearest has a REALLY bad flashback to her LSD days, her daughter suddenly starts picking up her bad vibes and sees dark things, imaginary people who are supposed to be angels, and it all goes downhill from there. At Seventeen, she has grown to be a seemingly strong and intelligent women who is past most of her hallucinations, until she starts having flashbacks of her own, and demonstrates just how hard a time she's having making friends because of it.

Mommie Dearest[edit]

AWFW Lise Williamson.png

Angel-baby this, angel that. Bleh. No wonder her daughter is psychotic.

Fait, Hoop, and Taxidermy[edit]

AWFW Hope Faith Charity.png

Andrea's only friends, they're as messed up as she is, always hanging out together, keeping to themselves, and shunning everyone but Andrea until Andrea really pisses them off.


AWFW Iblael Sonalerafielo.png

The leader of a group of positive-thinking young people who find themselves and their place in society through interaction, study, and mutual support. He's the main hope for Fait, Hoop, and Taxidermy to find themselves.

Ricky Gulliver[edit]

AWFW Michael Gillespie.png

He's traveling to several remote nations of the world in search of happiness and love. Most unfortunately, he finds Andrea instead.

Billy and Bertie Katsula[edit]

AWFW Rob and Bernice Williamson.png

It's their house, damn it!


AWFW Bil Dysfunctional Family Circus.png

The misogynistic, serial killing, and sexually deviant cartoonist and father of four. This panel is from the scene where he leaves his dysfunctional circus of a family.

Things Andrea Katsula is Imagining or Hallucinating[edit]

AWFW Archangel Mikey.png

Andrea believes in the existence of an Angel Lady, other angels such as Archangel Mikey here, and... aw hell with it. How in the world could this crap possibly matter?


"There isn't anything in the dark that can hurt my angel baby."
   -- Mommy Dearest, before tripping over a toy in the dark

   -- Hallucinatory angel fleeing a pencil eraser

"And because you're so good, I'm sending you to Bil's private torture chamber."
   -- Some imaginary friend you turned out to be

"Nobody Expects the Texas Revolution!"
   -- Wait, that's her other webcomic

"And I can can give you the means to get justice."
   -- We're only here to help


  • In The Final Nightmare, Part Eleven, Eddington's Star is shown in the wrong position.
  • In The Celestial Exchange Agency, Part Seventeen, the clock seen in Part Nine is missing because Dolari hawked it for money to buy truck parts.
  • In The Fall of Man, part Eight, Dolari can be seen in the mirror as she took the photo for the background on location in Cheyenne Mountain
  • In The Lesson of Patience Part Three, Dolari forgot she had a Featureless Void for a background and accidentally drew a landscape.