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A minor outbreak of ACOAGWINS disease. However, this minor outbreak shown here, shows an unhealthy result of the disease. Also it shows two lesbians, disgusting!

A crush on a girl who is not single disease or simply ACOAGWINS disease is a disease found amongst men only. The disease is common throughout men in their adulthood and in in teenagers. Accounts of the disease can be recorded in tweenagers and kids seven through ten, right before tweenage years. The disease is found only in bisexuals and heterosexuals. The disease is rarely found in homosexuals.

In certain cases, which is not considered a disease due its erotic effects, a lesbian might become infected. Oh damn MAKE ME HARD!

The disease only happens when the girl is not single. Hence the "not" in the disease's name.

The disease is caused when a male is infected with an almost incurable germ called an "attraction" towards the female gender of the homosapient species. This happens when they set sight upon mostly one and sometimes numerous females. When the affection infection becomes stable within the victim's body (after reaching the heart, brain, hands, and testosterone and remains there untreated for even just a mere couple of weeks) the "attraction" becomes classified as a "crush". When one becomes infected with a "crush", the victim will start to show the symptoms of ACOAGWINS. (More on symptoms can be learned about below)

Many consider the "crush" stage as the confirmation for becoming infected with ACOAGWINS disease.

ACOAGWINS, though not always occurring, can kill another living matter. However, not all accounts are directly caused by the germ itself. Rather the result of one being infected with ACOAGWINS and acquiring the harmful and disastrous results of the disease; becoming involved in watching the girl who gave you the disease.


The symptoms of ACOAGWINS is easily discovered when one becomes infected. Sometimes, though, it is not. Shy males tend to be the majority of the infected victims who do not have the symptoms discovered within early stages. Altogether, there are three stages.

The symptoms are easily discovered, but however, the time between becoming invaded by the affection germ at first and becoming completely infected with the disease is extremely small. The window is even widely considered smaller than that of heart transplants.

A novel written about the affection infection.

The symptoms that are easily identified includes the beginning of the victim staring at the "crush", (which in when used as a description towards the girl means it doesn't refer to the stability of the affection germ) becoming sweaty when around the crush, attempting to say hello to the crush, and furious masturbation to her Facebook pictures. Also, another symptom that is detected is anger from the victim after he discovers the crush is taken.

Arguably the most difficult event in which one might not detect symptoms of a nearby victim is when the girl is not single and the surrounding humans do not have much knowledge of this relationship status.

Stage two symptoms consist of relapses one symptoms plus results of the anger symptom within the first stage. These being depression, feeling of being forever alone, and being mad at the girl's partner. They can become a dangerous trait for the victim when somethings occurs in the crush's relationship that holds positivity (to most people) such as getting engaged or having intercourse. Stage two symptoms can end up clearing up on their own, but it may take months or years before so. In most cases, they rapidly progress to stage three.

Stage three symptoms include personality changes including going from a happy guy always on top of stuff to a guy who can't stop crying. They may also include giving up on finding love, rage against the girl's boyfriend or husband which may cause murder or assault, and a severe depression which causes suicide. In fact, over 80% of those infected with ACOAGWINS disease have around a similar percentage in the risk of suicide or self-harm.

Aftereffects and progressions[edit]

The aftereffects are considered present after the confirmation of containing the disease. No longer any "symptoms" are considered as warning signs when the disease is confirmed. Instead, they are considered the aftereffects or results of the disease.

The disease lasts until the guy ceases in having a craving of the female, which may never occur. But when it does, it most commonly occurs after years. In a minor case of this disease, it may just be a matter of months. Another cure of this disease occurs when the girl becomes single. On numerous accounts, the reason for singleness can be traced back to a murder of the girl's previous partner. In these cases, almost always it is confirmed to be the victim of ACOAGWINS disease who murdered the girl's ex.

If the disease is still currently unconfirmed, then the following are factors in progression of symptoms.

The aftereffects/progressions are based on five things: the girl, the girl's boyfriend or husband, the girl's relationship, the crush that the victim has on the girl, and last but not even close to least, the disease itself.

The girl[edit]

The quality of the girl tends to determine the severity of the symptoms or aftereffects. A fine girl is more likely to cause more jealousy and envy in stage one and cause a worse depression or anger in stage two. Her personality is likely to cause worse symptoms and aftereffects in the later stages. Her "tightness" is widely considered the most gruesome symptom influence and/or aftereffect of them all, which can cause serious accounts of rape; successful or not.

With the quality of the girl, many other factors can also determine the severity of the symptoms or aftereffects alike. How much the victim has a thing for the girl will determine how long the disease lasts. If the victim has a larger crush on the girl, then the disease is more likely to be severe than if the victim doesn't really like her that much. But with this, there is still many more factors that are and are being discovered.

The girl's partner[edit]

His quality and how much he actually deserves the girl will determine which symptoms occur in stages two and three. It will also determine aftereffects. If the woman's partner does not deserve her, in cases of abuse, just not a good ladies man, or whatever, then the symptoms or afteraffects are more likely to be on the side of anger, rage, and violence against him due to unfairness. This is how the disease is able to kill people who are not even victims, as we discussed previously.

On the other note, a guy who deserves her more is more likely to cause depression, the feeling of forever alone, giving up on finding love, and the infected victim's death by self hand, gun, or whichever technique of suicide used.

The girl's relationship[edit]

This plays a huge roll in the progression from stage to stage and also in aftereffect material. If the victim had his girlfriend stolen away from him, then there is a larger chance of the disease being started up in later stages and as a result being more likely fatal in terms of aftereffects. If they were together before the victim started liking her, then the disease is more likely to stay on the mild side of aftereffects and so on.


Currently there is no forced cure for ACOAGWINS. The only drug available is alcohol, and alcohol only treats the symptoms. It also has some bad side effects. Alcohol may also speed up the progression at times as well as make the disease less likely to go away.

I think I might have been infected with ACOAGWINS disease just now...

Currently there is only natural cures. Which cannot be determined but only by the human. Weekly checkups with the doctor are highly recommended to record the chances of a natural cure and also reduces the chances of heartbreak.

Another known ACOAGWINS "over-the-counter" reliever is the event in which an other girl or other girls begin to fall for him. If this is the case, the girl(s) can be confirmed with having ACOADWIS. A more positive disease which depends if the other partner also has or ends up with ACOAGWIS. (Vise versa)


ACOAGWINS does not provide lasting immunity because the victim may begin to acquire the infection of ACOAGWIS or another case of ACOAGWINS. Death occurs in 0.001% of minor cases. Writing songs about the disease may occur in songwriters and performers. This is a very much effective reliever for the disease if they reveal it to the girl. If they cannot sing it may backfire.

In most cases if the girl and her boyfriend break up, then the disease will still continue until the victim finds out that she is single. However this depends on if the victim still has the infection directed towards the girl.. Once the victim finds out, it has been proven that aftereffects and symptoms immediately stop. A burst of happiness occurs in 67.2% of all cases that end this way. If the girl gets another boyfriend, then the victim is more likely to suffer from a more severe version the second time around than the first. It has been recorded that in these types of occurrences 94.69% of the victims commit suicide or turn to becoming reliant on self-pain. In these cases, it has been recorded that some who turned to this relief method carve the girl's name into their arm. It has also been recorded that these records of carving names into arms also consist of heartbreak haikus, some written in Japanese.

Other related diseases[edit]

There is existences of diseases ACOADWIS and ACOAGWIS. These are less severe diseases known individually as A crush on a dude who is single and A crush on a girl who is single.

There is also a counterpart to ACOAGWINS disease, being ACOADINS disease. Scientifically known as A crush on a dude who is not single disease. This disease has the gender of the victim be a girl rather than a guy (except in gay man cases or bisexual cases of men) and the offender who caused the disease is not a man but a girl. However, depending on sexuality, it still could be a guy. The same for ACOAGWINS disease.

On the other side, due to the lack of female attention here at Uncyclopedia, we do not carry any details on ACOADWINS disease or ACOADWIS. If you need details on the disease, please consider finding a site that isn't run by nerds. Not that nerds never get laid or anything. CARRY ON.

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